Linda Nolan is ‘not giving up’ as she announces her cancer has spread to her brain

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27 Mar 2023, 09:53

Linda Nolan on Good Morning Britain

Credit: ITV

Linda Nolan has revealed her cancer has now spread to her brain as she provided a health update while on Good Morning Britain. 

The Nolans singer was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, which then led to an incurable secondary breast cancer. In 2017, it was found to have spread to her hip and later her liver. 

Appearing on the ITV show on Monday morning (27th March), Linda opened up about her latest treatment, and confirmed the news that her breast cancer had spread. 

The star shared: “I’ve always been open about my treatment and what’s happening in my life.

“We were recently papped and people have been getting in touch [asking], ‘What’s wrong?’ and I just want to tell you from me, unfortunately, sadly for me, my cancer has spread to my brain which I only found out on Monday.”

She continued: “It’s obviously very frightening because there isn’t much help for brain cancer at the moment, apart from radiotherapy which I’m going to be having. But there is a new drug that’s been in use for a year for brain cancer and they’re going to trial me on that as a chemo drug with some other treatment.”

Linda admitted that she didn’t realise it could be brain cancer as she hadn’t experienced any of the typical symptoms, including headaches, slurred speech and or impacted vision. 

Despite the diagnosis, Linda admitted the “anger is there” when it comes to her circumstances, but she’s trying to remain positive. 

She added: “For me, it’s making the most of every day and spending it with people that I love. Being positive and saying I’ve beaten it before so hopefully, I can do the same again. Obviously with the great help that I’ve always got from the NHS.”

Linda, alongside sisters Anne, Denise, Maureen, Bernie and Coleen, performed as The Nolans in the 1970s.

Sister Bernie sadly passed away from cancer in 2013. In 2020, Linda and Anne then revealed they had both been diagnosed with cancer, and were receiving chemotherapy at Victoria Hospital in Blackpool.

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