Eddy's Good News: Discovery of a 400-year-old painting in a kitchen and a sweet story

Virgin Radio

27 Mar 2023, 10:20

Credit: Luke Budworth

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Monday 27th March 2023

Good news from here in the UK as the installation of a new kitchen led to the discovery of a 400 year old painting hiding behind the old one!

How many renovations turn into nightmares because when you dig, or strip, then you find bad things, but thankfully that wasn’t the fate of 29 year old Luke Budworth who got a call from the guys installing his new kitchen in a flat in York. “Did you know there was a painting behind here?” they said. Luke was clueless but after a call to Historic England and some expert analysis it turns out the painting is part of the wall which used to encircle York in medieval times and his flat was built in 1747, using some of the wall.

Rather brilliantly Historic England took the frieze in and gave Luke a life size copy for his wall!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Houston Zoo

Heart warming news from the USA where a 90 year old has just become a father, his wife is a sprightly 53 and his children will probably live to see their 150th birthday.

Say hello to Mr Pickles, a 90 year old radiated tortoise who lives in Houston Zoo, where he and his partner, whom it will come as no surprise to anyone, is called Mrs Pickles, just gave birth to three baby tortoises. It’s a big deal because the radiated tortoise, a native of southern Madagascar, is critically endangered and very rarely produces offspring.

Mr and Mrs Pickles have been together since Mrs P arrived in 1996 and they’ve been inseparable ever since. The kids have - brilliantly - been named after pickled things, so say hello to Dill, Gherkin, and Jalapeño.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org