Martine McCutcheon reassures fans struggling with perimenopausal symptoms: ‘You aren’t alone!’

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27 Mar 2023, 13:16

Martine McCutcheon

Credit: Rex

Martine McCutcheon has opened up about the unexpected symptoms of her perimenopause while reassuring fans going through the same thing. 

The Love Actually star gave a candid insight into life with perimenopause on Instagram with a relaxed, smiling selfie, and used the caption to describe how life has been since the hormonal change began. 

Speaking about her symptoms, Martine shared she’d been having “hot flushes, insomnia, brain fog and fatigue,” before revealing the one symptom she wasn’t expecting to experience. 

The singer explained: “What I’ve personally not heard mentioned as much, is the crippling anxiety you can get with the perimenopause. A kind of irrational anxiety that makes no sense whatsoever! You feel like you’ve lost your own damn mind! Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t seem to hear about this side of it as much.”

Martine then went on to explain why she wanted to detail some of her personal health journey, adding: “I wanted to share this, just in case any of you out there feel the same and feel scared or worried - You aren’t alone! I’m pleased to report after going through a phase of not even feeling confident enough to drive (That’s SO not me!) that I’m now feeling much better and I’m working my way back to my own “normality”.”

The Perfect Moment hitmaker also shared the revelation she’s discovered since changing from HRT patches to gel. 

She continued: “The gel has really made a difference, so I’m feeling grateful for that - although I’ve also had a few anxious days again lately, so I’m still tweaking and working out the most efficient combo to be the best I can be.”

Finishing off her inspirational message, the former EastEnders star concluded with some more tips she’s picked up along the way, and some final words of encouragement. 

She said: “I’ve just had a brisk walk, I’ve meditated and I now feel much calmer and content. I’m sending any of you going through the peri meno/meno all my love, strength and the belief that you WILL be the true you again - With bells on… And that the best is yet to come! We can do this!”

Meanwhile, Martine recently told that she’s planning on returning to the charts very soon. 

Martine last released new music back in 2017 with Lost and Found, and had a number one debut hit with Perfect Moment back in 1999. 

Speaking exclusively to, Martine admitted she has lots of things on her list she’d love to achieve, and one of them is to record more music. 

When asked what’s lined up for 2023, she revealed: “I want to do a new album. I really would love to do some more music. I think it's time. I really, really miss performing and recording. I'm getting that buzz again.”