Eddy's Good News: Cheetahs from India and scientists in Israel reveal plants talking to each other!

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4 Apr 2023, 10:35

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Tuesday 4th April 2023

A good news update on the Indian cheetahs I told you about months ago, they are now proud parents! 

Say namaste to the Indian cheetahs relocated there from Namibia and South Africa who’ve settled in and are now breeding!

Kuno National Park has welcomed a total of twenty African cheetahs and they are thriving on their new continent as we say an official hello to the first of a new generation of Indian cheetahs! The magnificent animals were hunted to extinction there over seventy years ago so these little floofy cat babies are a huge deal. As a proud new kitten dad, I’m beyond excited by this news. These ones won’t be chasing ping pong balls across a wooden floor though.

Via: positivenews.com

Credit: Tel Aviv University

Mindblowing news from Israel as scientists record plants and discover they’re making sounds, talking to each other and animals around them, and just like us, each different plant has a different language!

I know this sounds like an April Fool, but I’ll remind you it’s the 4th and this is no joke. Researchers at Tel Aviv University have uncovered a hidden language of high pitched clicks and pops that are beyond the listening frequency range of human ears but easily audible by mice, bats and insects.

Even more mind blowing is that every species has a slightly different language, just like us. They even found out that, again, much like us, the plants are much more audible when they are stressed, this would include lack of water or cutting of stems. The plants made, on average, twelve times more noise when stressful things like that happened. The plants they recorded included tomatoes, grape vines, tobacco, wheat, corn, and cactus. I appreciate that there might be a vegan listening right now and getting coincidentally stressed. Sorry about that.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org