Succession: Brian Cox's wife makes surprise cameo

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23 May 2023, 07:45

Credit: Rex / HBO / Sky

The penultimate episode of Succession featured Brian Cox’s wife, Nicole Ansari-Cox, who played one of Logan Roy’s ex-mistresses!

As the series drew closer to a conclusion, this week’s episode - the ninth of season four - focused on (potential spoiler alert) Logan’s funeral. As friends and family gathered, several of Logan’s ex’s appeared. These included his former wives Marcia (Hiam Abbass) and Lady Caroline (Harriet Walter), as well as Kerry Castellabate (Zoe Winters), Logan’s assistant and final fling.

Caroline - mother to the Roy kids - brought new character Sally-Anne to the funeral with her, introducing her to Marcia as “my Kerry, so to speak,” suggesting that Sally-Anne was sleeping with Logan while they were married.

In a nice Easter Egg for fans, Sally-Anne was played by Brian Cox’s real-life wife, Nicole Ansari-Cox. The four women all sat together in the front row during the service. 

Fans loved seeing Ansari-Cox turn up in the episode. One person wrote on Twitter: “The fact that they snuck Brian Cox's real life wife into #Succession as one of his side pieces is brilliant!

Another wrote: “Brian Cox’s real life wife playing Sally-Anne had me screaming.”

Whilst this is the first time Ansari-Cox has appeared in the hit HBO/Sky dark comedy-drama, she is an actor, and has worked with her husband in various previous projects, such as the 2020 thriller Last Moment of Clarity, and drama Lawrence: After Arabia a year later.

She has also featured in shows such as Deadwood, The Blacklist, and Law & Order.

The last-ever episode of Succession arrives in the UK next week and, as we prepare to say goodbye to the Roy family, a trailer for the finale has landed.

Have a look at what we can expect from what will surely be an explosive end to the story. We're not ready for it to end!

The final episode of Succession will air on Monday 29th May on Sky Atlantic and NOW.