Cher reveals last moments with Tina Turner: 'We were laughing like crazy' and 'were perfect friends'

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26 May 2023, 16:08

Credit: Getty

Music icon Cher has revealed what it was like spending time with her close friend Tina Turner leading up to her death. Although she battled illness during her final years, the legendary singer still had a smile on her face until the end.

The Believe star, 77, spoke about the superstar singer, 83, who died peacefully at her home in Switzerland on Wednesday after a long illness.

On keeping her good friend company during the last period of her life, she told MSNBC’s The Beat: "I started going to visit her… so that she knows we haven’t forgotten her. We would all take turns going and spending time with her and it made her happy. She was really happy."

During her first visit, Turner was laying on a sun lounger looking out at the lake and told her ‘I can’t spend too much time (with you)’.

Cher said: “And then five hours later we were laughing like crazy and she wanted to get up and show everything she’d bought in her house and boy there were no surfaces in that house."

She shared: "But I know, towards the end, she told me once, she said, 'I'm really ready. I just don't want to put up with this anymore.'"

She continued: "Someone said when you two laugh together it’s the funniest thing that you can ever possibly want to hear. We both have such distinct laughs.

"She was such a force. Honestly, I think she just hit everything head-on. She wasn't about to stop. She might not have won every battle, but she fought every war. She was there fighting for all the things she believed in.

"She gave me lots of strength sometimes, and I gave her lots of strength too."

The good friends were ‘having a good time in spite of the fact that she was really sick and not wanting people to know about it'.

"She had her dialysis machine in her house and so that’s how she was doing it.

“I think we were perfect friends for each other, truthfully.”

She added: "She’s one of the great artists in our generation, in rock n’ roll, there was no other person like her, there was no other person [like her]."

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