Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa relive insane Barbie Cast's Magic Mike Live night

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13 Jul 2023, 11:24

Emma Mackey + Ncuti Gatwa in Barbie

Credit: Instagram/@Barbie

'Party Queen' Margot Robbie gave Ncuti Gatwa 'the time of his life' Barbie co-star Emma Mackey says, during a Magic Mike Live night for the entire cast.

Serving cocktails and other 'drinks the size of our heads,' the Wolf of Wall Street actress hosted an incredible evening on a mega-party bus, the famous Barbie poise of most of the cast seemed to get washed away in a sea of alcohol.

Speaking with virginradio.co.uk and other press on the red carpet for the London premiere of the sure fire hit film, the Sex Education stars let us in on the exclusive A-list party.

Bafta Rising Star award winner Emma Mackey said that: "Ncuti had the time of his life!

"We went on a party bus, very loud music with Margot making drinks with Scott Evans. Boom, boom, boom, party, party. Get to Magic Mike and absolute chaos!" She added.

Chuckling cheekily about the evening Gatwa went on to say: "I lost my voice in the first three minutes of the film, drinking drinks the size of our heads."

“That was… I don’t know how I made it through any filming in the week after, my voice was gone from screaming so much,” he told Rolling Stone UK.

“The videos in the group chat the next morning were the best. Greta Gerwig’s assistant was pulled up on stage and given a lap dance and Greta was screaming in delight.”

This isn't the first time that Margot 'The party queen' has been the host of unhinged team bonding for the her fellow cast mates.

Margot Robbie (Barbie), Ryan Gosling (Ken) and fellow cast member Emma Mackey took part in some Barbie-style fun during filming.

Sex Education's Emma told Empire magazine: "Right in the beginning, we had a sleepover for the Barbies, which would involve playing games with castmates Scott (Evans) and Ncuti."

Emma said about their table tennis session: "I don’t play games usually, because I get so competitive and angry. But Scott and I were top of the game."

Palpable excitement seems to be the overarching emotion felt throughout the whole experience of Barbie production and world press tour.

Still chatting with virginradio.co.uk Mackey admitted: "We have forgotten how to speak. We're very excited."

"I've been watching Barbie mania takeover the world for a while." Ncuti added.

Having already praised her co-stars humbleness, Mackey seemed in awe of how the cast all: "look so effortless, how do they do it?"

Rounding out the conversation with what they thought the most Barbie thing about the pair would be, Mackey excitedly said: "I would say he is more Barbie than me because he literally can do everything. He can sing, he can dance...he's just a lovely, lovely man, and he's the Doctor! He's infinite incarnate."

"We're very supportive of each other, that's the most Barbie thing about us," the future time lord interjected.

With the release date drawing ever closer, it would certainly seem that both the team behind the film and the audience are as excited as kids on Christmas morning to unwrap this flick.

Barbie hits cinemas on 21st July.