Eddy's Good News: A police officer's kindness and a guide to Matrescence

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13 Jul 2023, 11:08

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Thursday 13th July 2023

Than Singh – Via Ki Pathshala<br>

Say namaste to Than Singh a smiling, kind hearted police officer who was himself a street kid in New Delhi. He would sell corn and his father would iron clothes.

His dad always wanted to be a police officer but the pressure of providing for his family prevented him from taking the time to follow his dream. Instead his son followed the dream himself and after passing the exam and becoming a fully fledged and marvellous moustched rozzer he decided he wanted to give back to the street kids of the city he grew upin.

So he started a free school in the shade of the famous Red Fort. He inspires the kids to break out of their class paradigm and he’s become a local hero whose good deeds have inspired others to help. All the books, clothes and school stationery are donated and even local electric rickshaw drivers get the kids, eighty of them, home safely. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Sol Cotti

Good news for mums to be and a book that’s just come out which shines a light on an overlooked thing: Matrescence!

We’ve all heard of adolescence, we’ve all been through it, the raging hormones, the mood swings, the sometimes bizarre behaviour, it’s a much lauded, oft written and researched about phenomenon and it has a name we all know.

But scientists now know there’s an even bigger and more profound thing which women go through when they’re becoming a mother, that’s called Matrescence and the new book by science journalist, Lucy Jones, finally brings the comparatively overlooked life junction into the spotlight it deserves. At last there is something to help women navigate and make sense of this extraordinary part of life’s journey.

Via: positive.news