Eddy's Good News: Super rare prehistoric discovery and ancient tech from China

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19 Jul 2023, 10:32

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Wednesday 19th July 2023

Credit: Past Participate- Pic: Dr. Hayley Roberts (left), Jim Rylatt and Dr. Anne Teather are part of the team that discovered the rock

Amazing news from here in the UK and archaeologists who are jumping for joy at the discovery of a super rare prehistoric axe making workshop!

Say hello to The Valley Of The Stones, near Dorchester, where a team of archeologists have discovered a stone age polishing boulder, called a “polissoir”, from the same era as Stonehenge.

Interestingly this particular polissoir is made from the same sarsen stone as Stone Henge, which means it was brought to Dorset from Wales over 4500 years ago and is as rare, they say as “hen’s teeth”.

Stone axes were crucial to Neolithic people because the whole of the UK would have been covered in forest and those axes were needed to clear it and create the very beginnings of agriculture.

The team are now digging the immediate area around the polishing stone for axes that the axe maker was working on.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit:<em> </em>Wuyuan Sky Hotel- Pic: A Qing-Dynasty era skywell

Interesting and inspiring news from China and another fascinating example of looking back to ancient knowledge to help us find a way out of the mess we’re in now.

Remember the Iranian sky towers that provided air conditioning and refrigeration thousands of years ago and are now going into new builds in overheated southern spain?

Now say ‘ni-hao’ to a brilliant bit of ancient tech from China, the beautiful and functional Sky Well.

The sky well is a rectangular courtyard within a building with a strategically placed stone wall on one side. The roof funnels rainwater down the wall and into a well which can also feed a central basin or pond. The wall deflects cooler air from wind into the courtyard and circulates the air via windows and skylights too. When there’s no wind the water evaporates and causes circulation from the bottom upward. This old tech is undergoing a renaissance in modern office buildings. A courtyard with water in the centre is a beautiful thing and meeting rooms and offices are now planned looking inward and utilising the natural air conditioning.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org