Texas star Sharleen Spiteri tells Ricky Wilson about her friendship with ‘generous human-being’ Alan Rickman

Virgin Radio

18 Sep 2023, 10:51

L-R Sharleen Spiteri, Alan Rickman, Ricky Wilson.

Credit: Virgin Radio / Getty

Following Texas’ superb Virgin Radio Sunset Session, Sharleen Spiteri from the band sat down for a chat with our own Ricky Wilson, in front of a live audience. 

Having delivered a cracking set at the top of the tower on Friday night (15th September), the vocalist talked with Virgin Radio’s Drivetime host on a number of topics, and also took questions from the audience.

When asked how the band got movie legend Alan Rickman to appear in their video for 2001 single, In Demand, Sharleen said: “We were having a video meeting, there was a guy called Vaughan Arnell who was doing quite a few of our videos at that point. And we'd done the [Inner Smile] video with Vaughan when he turned me into Elvis Presley. And I used to love it, because I don't particularly like making videos, but when they say, ‘Do you want to be Elvis?’, I'm like, ‘Yeah’, and then Vaughan says to me, ‘How about you dance in this video?’ And I was like, ‘Seriously?’, ‘He was like, ‘But you do the Tango’. And I was like, ‘Ooh, that sounds interesting. I’m going to learn the Tango?’ 

The singer explained that she told the director: “I've got to dance the Tango with somebody you would believe would dance the Tango.

“I'm like ‘Don't get me some fancy schmancy good looking model, like a bit of eye candy. No thank you’... Anyway, basically I said, ‘You need to believe when you watch the video that that person would dance the Tango’.”

Explaining how acting legend Rickman came on board, Sharleen told Ricky: “We're at Sony studios, just off Tottenham Court Road [in London]. In walked this guy called Michael Kamen who's a big orchestra guy, who did all the music for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. And he's done millions of film scores and everything. And we knew Michael because we've done a thing at the UN with them. And basically, Michael comes in and he's like, ‘Hey, guys, I’ve just come in and say hello. I was just on the phone to my really good friend Alan Rickman. He loves you guys’. And everybody literally looked at each other and went ‘Alan Rickman would dance the Tango!’

“So I said to Michael, ‘Would you ask him if you would like to be in a Texas video and dance the Tango with me’. And and he did, and he cancelled the first week of his holidays to do the video, to do these lessons.” 

The Scottish singer continued: “He hadn't done Harry Potter at this point. And I remember we were sitting in the winnebago thing, getting ready, and he was literally like, ‘Have you ever heard of these Harry Potter books?’, and I was like. ‘Are you s***ing me? What is wrong with you?’

“He was like, ‘I’m going to play Snape’, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’.”

The duo would go on to become good pals, as Sharleen explained. “Basically we became friends forever,” she said. “He was just the most generous human-being you'll ever meet, because he gave so much to young artists, whether that was music, film, direction, photography. He really did a lot behind the scenes, Alan Rickman, that nobody ever knew about. And he was always there to help young new artists fulfil a dream and make something happen.” 

She added: “He was just one of the great, great human-beings that I miss dearly, and so many other people do as well.”

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