Boiling Point viewers react to 'stressful' and 'tense' episode one

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2 Oct 2023, 09:19

Scenes from the Boiling Point TV series.

Credit: BBC

Following on from the acclaimed movie, Boiling Point has been turned into a TV series, and the first episode has now landed.

The movie, which came out in 2021, starred Stephen Graham, and the much-loved actor is back for the BBC follow-up series, along with a bunch of other characters.

However, despite being the main character in the film, Line of Duty and Help star Graham wasn’t at the centre of episode one of the new drama. Having suffered (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the film) a heart-attack at the conclusion of the movie, we got a look at his isolated existence eight months later.

The new series instead focuses on sous chef Carly (played by Sherlock’s Vinette Robinson) who is now running her own kitchen. We see her struggling to take care of her mother Vivian (Cathy Tyson), while chaos in the kitchen pushes her staff to boiling point.

There are plenty of familiar faces in the new series, with Ray Panthaki back as Freeman, Áine Rose Daly returning as Robyn and Gary Lamont again playing Dean. Daniel Larkai returns as Jake, Taz Skylar’s Billy is back, Stephen McMillan plays Jamie again, Hannah Traylen is back as Holly and Izuka Hoyle returns as Camille.

Fans took to social media to comment on the first episode. One wrote: “The Boiling Point series is as stressful as the film. Might need to watch this on a different night - too much for a Sunday 😂”

Another added: “This is a great show. Riveting, entertaining, I couldn't work there though, I was so tense just watching them.”

Someone else wrote: “Not gonna lie, it was exhausting, but we binged the whole series yesterday. Incredible television. #BoilingPoint”

One fan wrote: “Caught two eps of #BoilingPoint last night after loving the film a few years ago. Absolutely riveting telly, packed full of tension and emotion. Expertly acted. Oh, and I never want to work in a kitchen in my life!”

A former hospitality worker added: “Can’t get over #BoilingPoint so far - never watched something that has hit me so much in so many ways having worked in hospo for over a decade. The writers are incredible at capturing this so far, it’s heartbreaking.”

Episode 2 of Boiling Point will air on Sunday 9th October at 9pm. The entire four-episode series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.