Peter Kay reckons he’s 'banned from the BRIT Awards after run-in with Liam Gallagher'

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2 Oct 2023, 13:38

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Comedian Peter Kay has suggested he’s been “banned from presenting at the BRIT Awards” due to a rather public tiff with former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. 

The stand-up star hosted the 2010 ceremony, and called the singer a “k***head” after he threw his microphone into the crowd. Liam had been on stage collecting British Album of 30 years for (What’s The Story) Morning Glory. 

In his new biography, TV: Big Adventures On The Small Screen, Peter described how he felt about the moment, writing (via The Mirror): “Liam Gallagher won an award. He swaggered on stage to collect it, then threw it into the audience and walked off.

“He could have hit somebody in the face with it. What a k***head, I thought. So I said just that when I walked back to the mic ‘what a k***head.'”

Admitting he was not “trying to be controversial or stir trouble”, the Car Share actor added: “I just said what was on my mind. That might be the reason why I’ve never been invited back to present the Brits again.”

At the time, Liam had his own foul-mouthed response on X (then known as Twitter) writing: “Listen up fat f*** as a real northerner I was brought up 2 say s*** 2 people's faces not behind their back. Live forever LG.”

While it’s yet to be seen if Kay ever steps foot on a BRITs stage again, the beloved funnyman has been reminiscing about the more PG moments in his incredible career in his new book. 

The star’s television-focused memoir is out now, and is packed full of wonderful stories about the Phoenix Nights star’s memories and adventures with TV.

One such memory shared in a preview clip from its audiobook (read by Kay) is the 50-year-old’s recollection of meeting with Paul McCartney ahead of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012.

Kay was hosting the evening’s entertainment, and had been hoping to mime playing The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ on the pan pipes ahead of introducing McCartney for the final performance of the evening.

However, when the two met up before the show, the comedian was disappointed to discover Sir Paul was hoping to play the same song as part of his own set.

“We went through the list of songs he was planning on performing, but one of them was ‘Let it be,’” the comedian reads in the clip, shared with courtesy of HarperCollins. 

“‘But I’m doing that,’ I said in a mild panic,” the story continued. “‘We can’t both do it. Do you have to do it?’ He said: ‘Well I’d like to,’” Kay revealed.

“Then I had to take a step back. I thought ‘This, right now, this is probably the most mental thing that has ever happened to me,” the Car Share star said. “I’m backstage, at Buckingham Palace, in a portacabin, telling Paul McCartney not to sing ‘Let It Be’.”

Peter Kay’s book T.V. - Big Adventures on the Small Screen, is out on Thursday 28th September.