Firsts with Jay Blades: My first job, my Repair Shop debut, the first record I bought

Virgin Radio

2 Oct 2023, 14:14

Jay Blades at Virgin Radio.

Repair Shop legend Jay Blades stopped by to reminisce on Virgin Radio Firsts.

Jay’s third book, Life Lessons: Wisdom and Wit from Life’s Ups and Downs, was released last week, and when the TV presenter and furniture restorer joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about his new book, he also took some time to tell us some of his firsts.

He spoke about the first gig he went to, his first paid job, his first album and more.

First Car?

My first car was a mini. A little mini. It was a rust bucket and I painted it with some metal paint, like hand-painted my own car. And it did work. 

First concert?

I believe it was Queen Latifah, and she was playing at Dingwalls in Camden.

First episode of The Repair Shop?

I was on the very first one, the very first one of The Repair Shop. And I believe, if I remember rightly, there was a lady who brought in a piano stool. And that's when we realised that this show is going to be special. 

First TV show you remember watching? 

That’s easy. Only Fools and Horses. Absolutely. Yeah, it's diamond. Only Fools and Horses is my first.

First poster on your bedroom wall?

I didn't put anything on my bedroom wall, no posters. I got a mate of mine to graffiti the whole of my bedroom and it had a massive love heart with my first love. And I'm not gonna say who she is. 

First paid job? 

My first paid job was painter and decorator and I didn’t like it. I lasted about two weeks. 

First film you remember watching? 

Easy! Jaws and that scared me for life, even to this day, going into the water, I’m not liking it.

First album?

Luther Vandross. The Night I Fell in Love.

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Life Lessons: Wisdom And Wit From Life’s Ups And Downs is out now.

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