Noel Gallagher used to say 'f**k these idiots' when he'd hear Pulp and Blur

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3 Oct 2023, 11:13

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Classically understated Noel Gallagher has revealed some more four lettered thoughts about his contemporaries such as Pulp and, can you believe it, Blur.

Noel Gallagher recently reflected on the unshakable self-belief that propelled Oasis to stardom, recalling their determination to 'annihilate everybody'.

In an interview with MOJO magazine, he highlighted how they were poised to make a massive impact on the music scene, expressing his competitive attitude towards other bands of the time.

"Back then, I’d hear Blur or Pulp or Suede on the radio and think – fuck these idiots," he admits. "But looking back at it now, it was an amazing time for indie music, or whatever you want to call it. But we were ready to take over. We were ready to wipe everybody out." 

With age, it's clear to see that Gallagher is maybe willing to acknowledged that those other bands, like Blur, Pulp, and Suede, at least had something to offer.

That being said, what they had to offer in his mind was only 'one or two' great tunes.

He firmly believed that Oasis was primed to overshadow them all, emphasising that other bands may have had a hit or two but the Gallagher brothers and co. would have a whole arsenal of twelve or more great tunes, ready to outdo their peers in every aspect.

"No matter how good they were, we would trump it. They were all great bands, but we were better. It was as simple as that," he asserted, underlining their confidence and conviction in their music's power.

Gallagher also revealed that his ambitions for Oasis were grander than a lot of the seminal indie bands of the time, who, to be fair, probably would have been happy only a fraction of the success that Oasis had.

The elder brother and leader of the band had his target squarely aimed for heights at Bono apparently.

"My ambitions were way bigger than just selling out [London's 4,800-capacity] Brixton Academy. Every band I met that was always their ambition, maybe even do two nights. I’m not arsed about Brixton Academy or John Peel. We’re going to take U2 on. That’s where my band are heading. I don’t give a fuck about Felt or Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. I’m aiming for bigger shit than that. Once you’ve written Rock And Roll Star, Live Forever, Supersonic, Slide Away, it’s like, come on, everybody get out the way now… The confidence came from the fact that we had these songs and we could fucking play them."

He further described Oasis' debut album, Definitely Maybe, as 'the last great punk album,' recognising its significance and impact in the realm of punk music.

In other Noel Gallagher takes on the World news, he recently opened up about a feud between himself and the lead singer of The Lemonheads, Evan Dando.

The former Oasis star opened up about the awkwardness which exists between the two stars while talking with Matt Morgan on his Patreon podcast, NME reports.

Noel and Evan had at one point been working together on a still unreleased collaboration called Purple Parallelogram prior to their fall out, he explained. 

Unfortunately, The Lemonheads singer’s enthusiasm for recording the duo’s works in progress eventually brought the collab to an abrupt end.