The Great British Bake Off week 2 preview: Noel Fielding teases bakers with hilarious tattoo promise

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3 Oct 2023, 13:04

Dan and Matty with Noel Fielding on The Great British Bake Off 2023 week 2

Credit: Channel 4

It’s biscuit week on The Great British Bake Off 2023, but host Noel Fielding is more distracted by the prospect of his very own GBBO-inspired tattoo. 

The celebrated Channel 4 competition returns tonight (3rd October) one baker down after the first elimination during last week’s debut. 

In a preview clip shared with, host Noel compliments baker Matty on his collection of skin ink. 

“If you win, you’ve got to get another tattoo,” Noel requested, before giggling over his next suggestion.

He continued: “If you win, we’ll both get one. I’ll get one of you on my chest,” before launching his arms in the air in a triumphant pose. 

Noel, the bakers and seemingly the crew then burst into laughter after Noel said he “has a tattoo of [GBBO 2018 winner] Rahul on my bum.”

After all the jokes have subsided, it’s back to baking for the contestants, who have to make sure their biscuits are perfectly baked to avoid disaster. 

Last week was Cake Week (26th September), and the Signature challenge saw the contestants tasked with making a vertical layer cake. After admitting she was nervous, Saku received - not a handshake - but a hug from judge Paul Hollywood. 

Next, the Technical Challenge saw the bakers make a chocolate and raspberry cake - just like the one from the opening credits. With Alison Hammond joining Noel as co-host, she was given a sign name by GBBO’s first deaf contestant, Tasha, during this section of the show.

Then it all came down to the Showstopper Challenge, which required the new competitors to make an animal-shaped cake.

Among the animals, there was an amazing duck, some dogs of various standard, a very impressive robin, and a beaver, which led to much innuendo

The Great British Bake Off continues tonight (Tuesday 3rd October) at 8pm on Channel 4. Stream episode one online.