Amanda Abbington and Giovanni open up about 'strict' rehearsal practices

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3 Oct 2023, 16:58

Amanda Abbington and Giovanni Pernice

Credit: BBC/The Sun

Strictly Come Dancing’s Amanda Abbington and her professional dancing partner Giovanni Pernice have opened up about their “strict” rehearsals.

Speaking exclusively to, the 33-year-old dancer was quick to respond when Amanda was asked what Giovanni was like as a teacher.

“I can answer that question for her,” he quipped, before replying: “I’m very, very strict.”

Amanda and Giovanni made headlines last week as there were reports the Sherlock actress had been unhappy with his “militant” style of training, although later posts from the couple on social media showed Giovanni celebrating Amanda’s week one performance.

In this interview with, Giovanni also got to defend and explain his teaching methods in more detail. “The only reason why [I’m strict] is because first of all, I know my partner’s got massive potential, and obviously, I want her to look the best on a Saturday night.

“And second of all, because I believe in Amanda,” he continued. “I know exactly how much she can bring on a Saturday night.”

Amanda defended her partner by saying “it works, it just works,” and adding that her partner was “a great teacher… He's everything you want a teacher to be, because you know, by Thursday it’s in and ready to go.”

Describing themselves as a close team of two, Giovanni finished: “I want to pull out the best I can from my partner, and I think everybody else is the same. You know, as I said before, it’s a competition.”

The contestants certainly learnt how Strictly really is a competitive show last Saturday, when week two came to an end with the programme’s first elimination.

Previously a close-knit family of fifteen celebrity contestants and their dancing partners, the group had to say goodbye to Les Dennis and Nancy Xu, who were the first pair to lose the dreaded dance off after viewers failed to vote for them to remain a part of the show.

Strictly Come Dancing returns for its third week on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Saturday, 7th October, at 6.20pm.