Virgin Radio Anthems' Rich Williams picks his favourite Kitchen Disco Anthems ahead of new show

Virgin Radio

7 Oct 2023, 09:24

Credit: Virgin Radio / Getty

Enjoy The Kitchen Disco every Friday morning on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch? Well now it's got its own show!

Every Saturday night from 6pm, Virgin Radio Anthems host Rich Williams will be bringing you Disco and Party tunes to get your weekend going. 

Ahead of the debut of The Kitchen Disco tonight (7th October) on Virgin Radio Anthems, host Rich has gone through all of his favourite party hits that’ll guarantee to get him on the dance floor - or kitchen tiles!

Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You

“For me, the power of music is about the memories that a particular song can evoke. Growing up in the 80s, my dad had an eclectic selection of tapes that he would play in the car as me and my sisters sat in the back, jostling for position to avoid sitting in the middle seat. 

“As well as a healthy dose of musical theatre albums, Celine Dion and Queen (told you it was eclectic!), my dad would often throw on a bit of Billy Ocean. Fighting in the back would immediately cease, and the car would be united in singing Love Really Hurts Without You and other songs from that brilliant first Billy Ocean record.”

The O'Jay's - Love Train

“There was a club night in Leeds (where I live) that was a disco-inspired, 70s-themed night where everyone dressed up in flares, wide-collar shirts and a very questionable array of footwear. 

“I remember just turning 18 and heading there with my friends one Saturday night, clutching onto my ID as there was a good chance that my less-than-impressive ability to grow a 70s-style moustache would lead to my age being challenged by the bouncers. Once in, several hours of 70s music and the worst dancing known to mankind ensued. And the name of the night… Love Train."

Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

“I’m a big football fan, and I’ve always been impressed how certain songs can be adapted for chants on the terrace; normally using the original tune and transforming the lyrics to be applied to a certain fans’ favourite footballer. 

“This song takes it to another level, because footy fans – especially those of the Tartan Army persuasion – belt this song out in its original form at the top of their voices. It’s an absolute classic, demanding to be turned up louder as soon as it starts.”

Chic - Everybody Dance

“One of my favourite things to do is play music in our kitchen to educate my kids that – who’d have thunk it – music did actually exist before they were born! Everybody Dance is one of the songs that I’ve always played them from a young age. 

“They LOVE it, and when we’re all singing along to Chic, whilst trying to nail the hand clapping part (you know the bit I mean!), it’s Kitchen Disco magic!"

The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

“If I told you I know every one of the words to the lyrics of this song, would you believe me? Honestly, it’s true. My absolute favourite party anthem of all time, my go to fill-the-dancefloor song and my karaoke tune of choice all wrapped into one. 

“And in a way, the lyrics from the first verse ‘to the bang-bang boogie say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat’ perfectly personify the feeling you’ll get by listening to the Kitchen Disco. I couldn’t possibly have a show that didn’t include this… grab the lyrics in advance and see if you can nail it!”

The Kitchen Disco on Virgin Radio Anthems starts this weekend (Saturday 7th October) at 6pm. 

Hear The Kitchen Disco on Virgin Radio Anthems, every Saturday from 6pm. Listen on the Virgin Radio UK App or online at Ask your smart speaker to 'Play Virgin Radio Anthems'