Big Brother 2023: Who was the second housemate to be evicted?

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21 Oct 2023, 08:38

Credit: ITV

Big Brother has said goodbye to another housemate - but who was the second name to be sent home?

Earlier this week (18th October) during an extended episode, it was Zak and Henry who were revealed as the two housemates up for the public vote after receiving the most nominations. Model Zak received five nominations, while food writer Henry got four. Five housemates got three noms each. 

One million viewers cast their vote last night (20th October) to send one housemate packing - but who was it?

Unfortunately for Zak, his time in the Big Brother house was cut very short after he received the most votes, meaning Henry can live another week within the fluorescent walls. 

Hosts Will Best and AJ Odudu were the ones to reveal the news, which would’ve been incomplete without the famous line: “You are live on ITV2, please, do not swear.”

While both Henry and Zak received cheers from the live audience (and the odd boo), there was another housemate who didn’t receive any love, with Kerry getting plenty of negativity from those stationed outside the Big Brother house

There were loud “get Kerry out” chants heard throughout the eviction, but as she wasn’t nominated, it meant fans didn’t get the chance to vote to evict her. 

After his name was read out, Zak grew emotional as the doors to the outside world opened and he was reunited with his loved ones. 

Speaking in his post-eviction interview, Zak confessed he wasn’t exactly thrilled to leave, but he felt “prepared.”

He explained: “I’ve had quite a few conflicts here and there with people, but Henry hasn’t really had any beef with anyone, he’s not had any major conflicts in the house, so I think that’s why I’m here. I was the talk of the house in the last few days before nominations.”

The reason behind those “beefs” was apparently boredom of being in the house. 

He added: “How it is, the full conversations and how it’s cut up is very different to how it actually is. But, I did say, I’m one of those guys who will never try to hurt anyone, but I like to wind people up because I get a bit bored!”

Zak will join Farida as one of the first housemates to be given the boot. The make-up artist lost out to NHS manager Kerry in the first public vote. 

Big Brother continues Sunday (22nd October) at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.