FIVE Big Brother housemates nominated to face DOUBLE eviction

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9 Nov 2023, 08:14

Credit: ITV

The latest nominations are in, and no fewer than five Big Brother housemates are in danger of leaving the house in Friday’s double live eviction.

The contestants that received the most nominations on Wednesday night's (8th November) show are Olivia, Jenkin, Chanelle, Noky and Trish. They all, therefore, face the public vote, which is open now.

Of the nominees, Chanelle received the most, with four (from Jordan, Trish, Yinrun and Noky), while Noky was nominated three times (from Henry, Yinrun and Tom). Olivia was also given three nominations (from Matty, Henry, and Jordan) and Trish had three nominations as well (from Chanelle, Jenkin and Tom). 

Jenkin was already up for eviction.

This is the highest number of housemates to be nominated in a week so far in the rebooted series. 

Tom and Jordan got two nominations and Yinrun only got one, meaning they are all safe for this week.


Wednesday’s episode also saw Big Brother announce that there had been yet another rule break regarding the discussion of nominations (yes, another one!).

Tuesday night’s show revealed a conversation between Jenkin, Olivia and Chanelle. Referring to nominations, Chanelle said: “I'll forgive but I'll never forget when it comes to my friends.”

She added: “And for me it's my best mate up for eviction.”

Olivia replied: “In a way, I needed to hear that because sometimes I can be a bit like where I just say something and someone.” 

Despite Jenrick trying to put a stop to the illicit chat, the naughtiness led to Chanelle immunity being revoked. Hence, housemates were allowed to nominate her, and she ended up with four votes.

Olivia had her nominating privileges revoked, and had to write lines. Yes, you read that right, Big Brother dished out the old school (literally) punishment of writing, "I must not break the rules" a whopping 600 times.

Voting for this week's eviction is now open via the Big Brother app, with viewers being asked to vote for the housemate they wish to evict from the house. Two housemates be gone from the Big Brother house tomorrow night (10th November).

Meanwhile, this week, Big Brother host AJ Odudu revealed that the show scrapped a controversial planned feature this week. Read about it here.

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