Eddy's Good News: A cats many expressions and Britain's loneliest sheep

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9 Nov 2023, 11:14

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Thursday 9th November 2023

Credit: Bigsby and Chibi by Eddy Temple-Morris

I have been studying cats often hilarious behaviour as anyone who watches the Floofwatch updates on my Instagram will know and anyone interested will be aware that cats get a bad rep for being aloof, anti-social, unemotive and with two expressions, one of mild disdain and the other of outrage that their food is two minutes late.

But according to a new study of 53 floofy friends in a Los Angeles cat café, cats have pretty much the same number of different expressions as dogs, we’ve just been looking at the wrong things!

We assume that the range of emotional expression is through the eyes and more broadly the face, but it’s different for cats, you have to look at their ears, nose, and whiskers, even their tail, not just their eyes and mouth. This taken into account cats have 26 different expressions, dogs have 27 and we have 44 and if we still had tails we’d have a couple more!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: The Sheep Game

A happy and frankly chubby ending to a sad story of Britain's loneliest sheep. Say hello to Fiona, who was stranded on a little beach in Cromarty Firth Scotland for two years.

Hemmed in by cliffs and sea, Fiona luckily had more than enough to eat and that became painfully clear when five local farmers rescued her by pulling her up the cliff. After being spotted by a kayaker who initiated the rescue effort, it took five burly local lads to haul Fiona up the cliff because, in the words of these farmers and sheep experts, Fiona is, with the greatest respect to the ovine lady, really fat. It took everything they had to get the absolute unit up the cliff and found her to be in “incredible condition”. With nothing to do on the pebbly beach and nowhere to go, she basically spent two years eating!

Now Fiona is a woolly celebrity, she’s had a shear and will spend the rest of her very happy life in the farm park.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org