Louis Theroux hits back at Piers Morgan boxing jibe: 'I'd just be playing music on your chin'

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9 Nov 2023, 16:44

Pic: Getty

Who knew that a feud between Louis Theroux and Piers Morgan would be keeping us entertained.

It started when documentary-maker Louis was asked by Anthony Joshua whether he could beat Piers in a fight.

"Piers Morgan? I think I could take him," Theroux pondered.

It didn't take long for presenter Piers to hit back.

He tweeted: "Have you lost your marbles, Louis Theroux ? I’d destroy you in 30 seconds, you puny wastrel."

Louis then replied: "I don't think you've got the cardio fitness, Piers, TBF. You'd gas out and after that I'd just be playing music on your chin like a boxing Beethoven."

Piers replied with a video of him in the boxing ring, instructing Theroux to watch it and then "see how cocky" he feels.

One fan replied: "No need to box now, after that comment there is nothing left of him."

"I’ve never paid for a PPV fight in my life but I would definitely sign up for this" pleaded another.

"Please make this happen (for charity, of course)" added one fan.

"Sounds like a challenge for Comic Relief..." suggested another.

Who do you think would win?