'We are finally here' - Amy Dowden celebrates final chemo treatment

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9 Nov 2023, 16:50

Amy Dowden smiling on a red carpet and outside a hospital

Credit: Instagram (@Amy_Dowden)

Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden has taken to Instagram to celebrate completing her chemo treatment.

Writing in a post on Thursday, 9th November, the professional dancer revealed: “It’s chemo number eight! The last one! We are finally here.”

While the dancer had been hoping all week today’s session would go as planned, there was a chance she might not be able to undergo the treatment if her bloods count was deemed too low.

Thankfully, this didn’t happen, and so Amy was able to celebrate ringing the chemo bell at the Sheldon Unit where she has been being treated along with other cancer patients who were finishing their chemo today.

“I’m so lucky and grateful to be able to ring that bell!” she wrote ahead of her final round of treatment. “Will never take it for granted! Thank you to the incredible Sheldon Unit! You are all amazing #nhs, all #trueheroes.”

After having her eighth and final chemo, Amy returned to Instagram with another celebratory post writing: “Today all three of us ring that chemo bell!” in reference to the other women who joined her getting their final treatment.

“32, 35 and 26 when all diagnosed with breast cancer” she continued, listing their ages to make an important point. “So please this is a note from us three to check your chest! Our wish to you all is [to] remember to monthly check!”

Amy revealed her stage three breast cancer diagnosis in May 2023. Since opening up about her ongoing cancer journey, Amy has been supported by her family and friends, including the whole Strictly team.

Despite not being able to take part in this year’s competition, Amy was able to make an appearance on this year’s show.

She has also regularly kept in touch with fans on social media, such as when she revealed that she’d made the brave decision to shave her head in September 2023.