My Mum Your Dad rival dating show in development - details

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9 Nov 2023, 18:16

My Mum Your Dad cast

Credit: ITV

A dating show to rival the success of ITV’s My Mum Your Dad is reportedly in development.

According to The Sun, a mature single-persons focused dating show which will aim to match up singleton over-45s from the UK and US is being worked on by the creators of recent popular reality shows including BBC3’s I Kissed A Boy and ITV’s Loaded in Paradise.

A TV insider told the paper: “Bosses believe viewers might be getting fed up with young contestants only signing up for fame, rather than love, which is why My Mum, Your Dad was such a hit — they were in it for the right reasons.”

Now that TV broadcasters have been enlightened to “the value of having a show dedicated to mature stars who will see if love or friendship can blossom while on feel-good dates,” there appears to be a desire now from studios to capitalise on this and create more shows with this kind of focus.

My Mum Your Dad was renewed by ITV in October 2023. Its second season will aim to follow the success of its first, which saw some of the couples who met on the show go home together and remain in relationships which are still going strong to this day.

The Sun claims this potential rival dating show will likely be snapped up by a different channel to ITV and that its creators are hoping it will be able to air as early as next year.

My Mum Your Dad was unique amongst recent popular dating shows not just for its focus on older individuals, but also for how it removed any kind of reward for its contestants beyond simply succeeding to find love.

After speaking about this aspect at an event promoting the show, its host Davina McCall also explained how My Mum Your Dad would have a kinder attitude than is normal on many similar shows to people leaving the programme. 

“People come and go. There's no evictions,” she said. “It's not like we're going to chuck you out. But it's more a decision of look, you know, they don't think they're going to find love. It's time to leave.”

It’s unclear as of yet whether the new over-45s dating show which is in development will keep either of these ideas or switch them up for more drama, but it is likely the new show will be aiming to keep many of the heartwarming elements of My Mum Your Dad which made it such a success.

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