Who has been eliminated from The Traitors series 2 and were they banished or murdered?

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17 Jan 2024, 15:12

Credit: BBC

Viewers are glued to series two of The Traitors as the drama intensifies with each episode.

The massively popular BBC show, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, started with 22 strangers hoping to win up to £120,000. Hidden amongst them are the Traitors, whose job is to secretly ‘murder’ players. The rest of the group, the Faithful, need to work out who the Traitors are, and banish them.

Whichever members of the Faithful group are left standing at the end of the series will take home an equal share of the prize fund, but if there are any Traitors amongst them, they’ll steal everything. 

Here are all the players who have gone out so far, and how their game ended (there are obviously spoilers ahead if you’re not up to date with The Traitors series two):

Aubrey (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? The retired shop owner from Loughborough was the first player that the Traitors murdered.  

He wasn’t there for long, but he proved himself to be an interesting character, and he reckons that it was his observant nature that made him a threat.

Sonja (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? The volunteer business mentor from Lancashire was the first player to be banished at the round-table.

Sonja was unfortunately the victim of the kind of herd mentality that is common during the early roundtables. She exclusively told virginradio.co.uk however: “I actually thought I had the warmest, cuddliest, nicest banishment in the history of The Traitors - they were all so nice!”

Kyra (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Murdered.

The Kent-based apprentice economist made an instant impact by dashing to collect the first shield of the series during a mission. 

“I think it's better to obviously be yourself and be remembered for that rather than…I could have obviously mellowed in the background, and been quite boring,” she exclusively told virginradio.co.uk.

Brian (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

The photographer from Glasgow was labelled a “sheep” by the group as part of one of the missions, and brought it up at a consequently chaotic roundtable. This ultimately led to him being banished from the game.

He exclusively told virginradio.co.uk: “It  was kind of like an imperfect storm”.

Ash (Traitor)

Banished or murdered? The events coordinator was the first Traitor to be banished.

Memorable moments include being stitched up by fellow Traitors Harry and Paul at the roundtable, and their somewhat awkward meeting when she survived. She told virginradio.co.uk that it “kind of knocked me for six”.

Meg (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? The illustrator from Herefordshire was murdered.

Meg spent the day in the dungeon as one of the “condemned” and her murder was inevitable after it ended up being between her and Paul. “I have no words to describe how unpleasant that dungeon was,” she exclusively told virginradio.co.uk.

Jonny (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

There were tears from other contestants following the ex-military man’s banishment. Having voted for Jonny knowing that he was a Faithful, Harry the Traitor felt bad at having betrayed his fellow ex-serviceman. Later, Jasmine also cried about Jonny’s departure.

“I found it hard seeing everyone upset, especially Harry, because of me,” Jonny exclusively told virginradio.co.uk.

Tracey (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Murdered.

The clairvoyant didn’t see her murder coming, but she did say that her ability to see people’s auras meant she was going to be an asset to the Faithfuls, and that’s why she was killed off.

Anthony (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

The chess coach had a target on his back for a while, and at the roundtable he told his fellow players that if they voted him out, they would be 8-1 down. “Let that sink in,” he said. 

He later exclusively told virginradio.co.uk that he was blindsided when he learned who one of the Traitors was. Read more here.

Diane (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Murdered.

The retired teacher drank the poisoned chalice handed to her by Miles, and her murder was later confirmed during the mission, as her coffin lid was closed and she was lowered into the ground. All of this was pretty traumatic for her son Ross, watching his own mum’s funeral!

Miles (Traitor)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

At a tetchy round table, Paul and former Faithful Miles went at each other big time, before the latter got the most votes and the veterinary nurse became the second Traitor to be banished.

Paul (Traitor)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

Pantomime villain finally got his comeuppance, after fellow Traitor Harry coldly sold him out at the start of an epic roundtable.

The business manager from Manchester tried to deflect onto Jaz, and almost succeeded, but ultimately received the most votes and was gone. Fans raved about the episode.

Charlie (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Murdered.

Hours after potentially the most intense roundtable of the series, Traitors Harry and Andrew decided they needed to take some heat off, and chose unsuspecting Charlie as their latest victim.

It felt particularly cruel too as Charlie had narrowly missed out on a shield during the previous task. The lifesaving shield was eventually won by Molly.

"The hardest thing about murder is you're not able... to say goodbye," Charlie sad, holding back tears.

Charlotte (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

It seems the roundtable couldn't get past Charlotte's close bond with Paul, and the sudden loss of close friend Charlie, so the Warwickshire local was chosen for banishment after receiving six votes against two for Jasmine and one for Jaz.

Ross (Traitor)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

He was only a Traitor for one day, after being recruited.

Before he left, he finally revealed the huge secret that he has been keeping in. Yes, at last, the remaining players found out that Diane was his mum. This caused as much shock around the table as the fact that he was a Traitor.

Zack (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Murdered.

The Parliamentary Affairs Advisor from London got close to making it to the final, but his relentlessly outspoken nature ultimately saw him taken out in the penultimate episode.

Jasmine (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Banished.

At the roundtable in the penultimate episode, Jasmine and Evie - both Faithful - argued between themselves as to which of them was a Traitor.

In the end, it was Jasmine who got the most votes.

Evie (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Banished

As there was no murder on the final night, it meant there was only banishment left at the very last roundtable.

Unfortunately for Evie, she knew her fate was sealed after arguing with Jasmine the previous night about knowing whether or not Harry had a shield and how that determined who was murdered next. Alas, despite her despondent arguments, Evie was banished right at the final hurdle.

Andrew (Traitor)

Banished or murdered? Banished

After Evie had been cast out, the final four reconvened for The End Game, a suspenseful phase that would ultimately determine the winner.

Unsurprisingly, doubt was now in the air and all four players chose to continue.

In a shocking final move, Andrew cast suspicions over fellow Traitor Harry, suggesting to the group that the only reason Harry was still in the game was because he was a Traitor.

Though this move backfired on Andrew, as it only revealed his true motivations and he was cast out.

Jaz (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Banished

Jaz came so close to winning!

In a climactic vote, Harry and Mollie opted to end the game, while Jaz, now fuelled by Andrew's words and further mistrust, chose to banish again.

Unfortunately for Jaz though, although Mollie originally chose to banish Harry, she changed her mind at the very last second and made the incorrect decision to banish Faithful Jaz.

Mollie (Faithful)

Banished or murdered? Technically...banished

Sadly, Mollie's last second change of heart to vote to banish Jaz instead of Harry cost her the game.

She unfortunately had the wind knocked out of her when Harry turned to say: "I am, and since the start, have been a Traitor,".

Upon finding out, a distraught Mollie left the room in tears.

Harry (Traitor)

Banished or murdered? WINNER

Having ousted the rest of the competition and surviving a nail biting finale, Harry was crowned The Traitors Series 2 Winner.

Claudia congratulated him, acknowledging the extraordinary game he had played.

“Harry you did it, you’ve played the game of your life, you’ve played an extraordinary game…£95,150! At 22 years old you have beaten everybody, you are our winner!”

Harry expressed his elation, emphasising that the victory was for his family, his motivation for entering the competition.

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