Eddy's Good News: The safest year for aviation and rainforest deforestation decreased

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18 Jan 2024, 15:46

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Thursday 18th January 2024

Credit: The Times/News UK

The great news from the skies is that there was no news of any big crashes last year. 2023 was the safest year ever in aviation.

Despite tens of thousands of flights all over the world every day, none of them crashed and no lives were lost as a result of a turbo-fan - that is to say the type of plane we go on holiday aboard - plane crash. There were small plane crashes, most notably the one involving Yevgeny Prigozhin, the guy who famously spoke out against Vladimir Putin, then obviously in a completely unrelated freak accident, somebody accidentally pulled the trigger on a surface to air missile and it just happened to hit his plane. What are the odds of that happening?

So aside Russian dissident victims of statistically almost impossible accidents, 223 really was the safest year ever for planes and that must be something to feel good about.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: The Times/News UK

Deforestation in Earth’s largest rainforest decreased by 22% in the year ending July 31, 2023, according to data released last week.

Analysis of satellite imagery revealed that forest clearing in the Brazilian Amazon totaled 9,001 square kilometres, an area approximately the size of Puerto Rico. This marks the first time annual deforestation in the Amazon has fallen below 10,000 square kilometres since 2018.

This decrease is seen as a sign that their president’s efforts to curb deforestation are kicking in, following a significant increase in forest loss during the tenure of his predecessor. 

The new ‘El Presidente’ has reinstated programs to monitor and control deforestation, restarted conservation initiatives, forged alliances with indigenous forest nations, as reported here, and committed Brazil to eliminating illegal deforestation by 2030. As they say in Brazil, bom pra caralho! Which is a spicy way to say “that’s great”!

Via: mongabay.com