The Traitors’ Diane predicts 'pantomime villain' Paul is starting to 'weaken' as a Traitor

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18 Jan 2024, 16:09

Paul and Diane on The Traitors (BBC 2024)

Credit: BBC

The cracks are starting to form for Traitor Paul on the hit BBC series, according to the latest murdered Faithful. 

(Beware of spoilers below if you’re not yet caught up with The Traitors!)

Diane became the Traitors’ newest victim last night (17th January) and was treated to a long and laborious ‘death’ after she drank from a ‘poisoned chalice’ given to her by Traitor Miles

While she admitted that she was blindsided by the idea of lovable Miles being a Traitor, Diane told that she had clocked Paul being against the Faithful, and reckons his time in the Scottish Highlands castle might be limited. 

The fan-favourite Faithful told us: “I actually mentioned [Paul] at the breakfast table. He was beginning to start pushing people in certain ways. I didn't see his smirks because he was to my side at the roundtable. 

“I think I'd have noticed that because I do people-watch as you've seen and also just because I was a teacher…I needed to nip behaviour on the bud before it escalated. So you would be always watching and checking.”

Instead of leaving the castle overnight as any other murdered Faithful last night, Diane instead took part in a funeral procession involving the rest of the contestants, during which they had to whittle down who was poisoned. The three in contention were Diane, Evie and Traitor Paul, who were asked to lie in coffins while their fellow game players laid down flowers next to their choice. 

As a Traitor, Paul couldn't be murdered, and used his survival as a way to suggest that Miles had in fact poisoned Diane with the chalice, effectively double-crossing his own team mate. 

Diane believes that might now be his downfall, adding: “I think [Paul] is now beginning to weaken as a Traitor because he's just pushing the narrative too much. I think that people are beginning to suspect, I definitely did. Thank god for that, some bit of credibility as a Traitor hunter to my name!

“He wanted to be a pantomime villain and that's what he's doing and he's doing it very well. Whether it's going to backfire of course is a different story.”

The Traitors continues tonight, Thursday 18th January, on BBC One at 9pm. You can watch the first seven episodes on BBC iPlayer now