‘It was hard’ - The Traitors’ Miles opens up about ‘sombre’ but ‘savage’ funeral mission

Virgin Radio

18 Jan 2024, 18:01

The Traitors' Miles at the roundtable and the contestants walking in the funeral procession

Credit: BBC

The Traitors’ Miles has revealed exactly what it was like taking part in last episode’s dramatic funeral march mission.

Spoilers for The Traitors episode seven below!

The seventh episode of The Traitors series two saw the remaining contestants take part in a premature funeral procession after being told the terrifying news by host Claudia Winkleman that one of their number had been fatally poisoned by a Traitor the night before.

Speaking exclusively with virginradio.co.uk following his banishment at the end of the same episode, Miles - who was the Traitor who poisoned Diane - revealed he found it particularly hard to get through this mission.

“It was a heavy day… you’ve got the horses, got everyone in black. Everyone was feeling quite sombre,” the veterinary nurse said, setting the scene. Even though no one was actually dying, Miles said the atmosphere had all the cast feeling like it was a real situation.

“And I was even worse,” he added, “Because I knew what the outcome was going to be, and I was also responsible for it. So it was hard.”

Changing to talk about the target of his traitorous actions, Miles said: “I love Diane, we got along so well, we bonded so well leading up to [him poisoning her]... so it was savage, but you know, it was a good episode!” 

After Diane’s demise led people to question whether Miles was a Traitor, episode seven saw the remaining players banish him in their second successful axing of a Traitor. As a result, Miles and Diane have already been able to meet up and discuss the episode which was their last on The Traitors Uncloaked podcast.

A surprise was still in store for Miles, however, as he finally learnt the truth about Diane and Ross’ mother-son relationship. “I was absolutely shocked,” Miles admits. “But actually, when you think about it, when he takes glasses off, you actually can see the resemblance… it’s such a great twist that I didn’t know in the game - I love that about it.”

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