‘I hope they listen' - The Traitors' Ross predicts how his actions may determine the final

Virgin Radio

25 Jan 2024, 17:17

The Traitors' Ross at the roundtable with Jasmine

Credit: BBC

The Traitors’ Ross has revealed why he’s hoping his own actions may determine the result of the nail-biting reality TV show.

Spoilers for The Traitors episode 10 below!

The former Faithful who was recruited to join the Traitors in episode nine, but banished just one episode after, is hoping his behaviour at his final roundtable may help season two’s remaining Faithfuls win the competition.

Speaking exclusively with virginradio.co.uk, when asked what his predictions were for the final two episodes of The Traitors series two, Ross said: “I hope what happens is what I planned to happen.”

Elaborating, the video director explained his plan was: “That I would turn on [fellow Traitor] Andrew… I would fire myself up so that the people that really knew me would be like ‘That was really weird, what he’s done.’” Ross shared that while he believed the group’s other remaining Traitor Harry’s position within the group was still “too concrete at the time”, Andrew’s was more insecure. 

Ross admitted his plan relies on the Faithful players putting together that Ross himself was “a Traitor, [but] his mum was killed four episodes ago so [he] must have been recruited” and that he may have used his final moments to reveal something about the game.

“I was trying to give them something - without spoiling the game - but give them something to go off of and understand,” he continued. “My hope would be that they listened to what I said and they get Andrew out, and Andrew then somehow finds a way to drag Harry down with him. And then there you go, Faithfuls all the way.”

Opening up about being banished so late in the competition, Ross admitted his banishment was “tough” but that he does accept it’s “just a game”.

“I didn’t think I was gonna get past episode three or four,” he also admitted. “So yeah, once it gets to that later stage, the money starts to become real… and regardless of the money, you know, I want to be jumping from helicopters and doing whatever they did [in the final mission]. So yeah, it was tough.”

Ross has however forgiven his cast-mates for banishing him in the fraught roundtable scene. "It's all a game at the end of the day. So afterwards, we're all friends really... you can't go through something like that and not be really close," he said.

"Everything's patched up. Like, there's no hard feelings at all. And if you ever catch me saying that Andrew is a snake or whatever, it is just purely in jest, and there's absolutely no hard feelings."

The Traitors continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm.