Eddy's Good News: Random acts of love and British-Ghanaian entrepreneur drives change for a greener Ghana

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26 Jan 2024, 14:10

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Friday 26th January 2023

Credit: News 5 Cleveland - Gequan Fletcher (left) Don Wheeler (right)

You know I love a kindness-of-strangers story and here’s a heart-warmer from a very cold Ohio where an Amazon driver has gone above and beyond for a disabled customer.

Say hello to Don Wheeler, from Cleveland, who has coincidentally been in a wheelchair for twenty years. Don really struggles in the snowy winter as the ramp outside his house gets covered in snow and really difficult for him to negotiate. Shovelling this snow, from a slippery ramp, in a wheelchair can take hours. Lucky for him the last delivery, which was from Amazon was delivered by - and I wish I could say his name and give credit where credit is due - came with a full and free shovelling of the ramp!

Don can see on his security camera it’s a black guy with magnificent dreadlocks who went above and beyond by shovelling all the snow off his ramp and who stayed anonymous, but Don is hoping to see him again to thank him properly and hopefully give him a little tickle - as they say. 

Watch their encounter here

Via: sunnyskyz.com

Credit: Delivery drivers on their Wahu! ebikes – Valerie Labi-Wahu Mobility

We go to Ghana now where an inspiring Anglo-Ghanaian lady and entrepreneur has designed an electric bike from the ground up that’s transforming short-range transportation in her home country, proving that problem-solving in Africa can be done in Africa, by Africans.

Her company, Wahu! assembles each bike by hand, and they can travel up to 80 miles on a single charge. This means that a delivery rider for their equivalent of Uber or Just Eat can comfortably cover a whole day’s work without refuelling.

Credit: Valerie Labi, her three children, and the ebike – Valerie Labi-Wahu Mobility

If you’ve visited Accra, you’ll know the air quality there is terrible. Poor roads mean that cars are stuck in second and third gears, and old cars travelling in second and third gears means loads of extra smog.

Poor roads also mean exposed dirt, and exposed dirt means fine-grained dust. Combined with a lack of rain, the smog, dust, and car exhaust make the air in parts of the capital unfit for human health.

Wahu! bikes help alleviate all three of these problems, and even though she was born and educated in England, she wanted the bikes designed and manufactured in Accra.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org