Jeremy Clarkson on one stone weight loss after secret health scare

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26 Jan 2024, 12:34

L to R: Jeremy Clarkson

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Jeremy Clarkson, known for his candid remarks and hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, recently unveiled a secret health scare that led to a significant one-stone weight loss.

The Clarkson's Farm star disclosed that he had a '5cm cyst' on his back, prompting him to cut short a trip with partner Lisa Hogan to address the issue promptly.

Jeremy Clarkson shared details of his health concern, stating to The Sun: "I had a 5cm cyst, which is now not a cyst anymore."

While cysts are generally harmless, he decided to undergo a procedure to remove the painful lump.

Rather than endure a miserable stay at a health resort, he opted to prioritise his health and moved up the operation by a week.

In his trademark humorous style, Clarkson remarked: "Lisa took me to a health farm, and, well, it was so miserable there that I thought, 'I’ve got to have this cyst taken out at some point, I may as well go now.'"

The resort's offerings, including wheatgrass that he described as 'gut-retching dreadfulness,' failed to provide the enjoyment he sought.

Lightheartedly addressing the situation, he quipped, "As I lay under the surgeon’s knife, I thought 'this is preferable.'"

The ordeal resulted in a one-stone weight loss for Clarkson, with him attributing half of the weight loss to the removed cyst itself.

He reassured that the cyst was not cancerous, stating: "It wasn't cancer. It was never going to be cancerous though — I wasn't in the mood."

As Jeremy Clarkson returns to host Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? on ITV, he took a playful jab at other game shows' prize funds.

In his own words, Clarkson continued: "People get their knickers in a twist on Pointless for £700, you know, so £8,000, this is massive, massive money, and then you’re asking them to gamble it to get £16,000," he said before adding that £1million is ‘absolutely massive’.

Clarkson also addressed ITV's recent criticism for having only men on Saturday night entertainment show presenting duties, stating that there is 'no earthly reason why there aren't more' women in such roles.

In another recent and candid moment with the press, Clarkson revealed some uncharacteristic lack of confidence he can experience worries while presenting the hit game show.

"I’m never comfortable until the Ask the Host question is out of the way," Clarkson confessed to OK!.

"I’m sitting there thinking, ‘It’s coming, it’s coming. I’m going to make a fool out of myself in a minute!’"

He adds a humorous touch, saying: "And the most infuriating thing is, there’s a question the contestant doesn’t know and I know the answer to it, and then they don’t ask me. You think, ‘Come on! I know that one!’ And then the next question is about Greek mythology, they ask me that and I’ve got no idea."

Jeremy Clarkson's revelation sheds light on the importance of prioritising health over unpleasant experiences, and his candid approach resonates with fans who appreciate his humour and honesty.