Claudia Winkleman admits she wanted The Traitors to end after one series

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26 Jan 2024, 12:17

Claudia Winkleman on The Traitors

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The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman has confessed she thought the massively successful murder-mystery series should’ve come to an end after the first series. 

(Spoilers ahead if you’re not yet caught up with The Traitors episode 11!)

The hugely successful second series of The Traitors concludes tonight (Friday 26th January) with the final five confirmed as Faithfuls Evie, Jaz and Mollie, and Traitors Harry and Andrew.

The game of deception first caught the nation’s attention in November 2022 and became the surprise hit of the year, with Traitors and Faithfuls scheming their way to winning a prize pot with lies and sly tactics. 

The Traitors also propelled Claudia to national treasure status with her impeccable choice of jumpers and costumes befitting of her time in the Scottish Highlands castle. 

However, while chatting about the impending finale on The One Show on Thursday (25th January) Claudia admitted making the first series felt so “overwhelming” that she wanted The Traitors to be (like in the show) banished. 

She explained: “I said that’s more than enough. I said let’s stop, because the first series was so overwhelming for us, the fact people liked it and wanted to talk about it.

“I thought it was just so perfect, let’s just leave it.”

After the massive cultural success of The Traitors, the BBC unsurprisingly stepped in to make sure to keep the Strictly host on board. 

“The BBC were like, ‘No, what’s the matter with you?!’” she added, before admitting that she’s “nervous” viewers might not feel the same way after this year’s finale.

Meanwhile, The Traitors finalists have spoken out about making the last roundtable

Speaking ahead of tonight’s final - which airs on BBC One at 9pm - Andrew said: “I'm really super excited. I didn't think I was going to make it this far and I’m just really proud of myself. It’s the first time, in probably 20-odd years of my life, I'm actually proud of something I have achieved. 

“I've spoken about my struggles with mental health for a long, long time and not feeling like I was good enough, I lost my self-worth and my confidence. This has given me my confidence back.”

He added that winning “would mean everything” to him to me, but also revealed: “I’ve got to the point now where I don't mind if I don't win. I honestly don't mind and I'm pleased whoever does win.”

The Traitors series two concludes tonight, Friday 25th January, on BBC One at 9pm. You can watch the first eleven episodes, and series one, on BBC iPlayer now