Lily Gladstone's Oscar nomination elicits heartwarming text from Leonardo DiCaprio

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26 Jan 2024, 14:54

L to R: Lily Gladstone & Leonardo DiCaprio

Credit: Getty/Paramount Pictures

The up and coming star revealed that the pairs friendly connection lasts beyond the production of the Oscar nominated film.

In the thrilling aftermath of Lily Gladstone's historic Oscar nomination for Best Actress, the actress, known for her role in Killers of the Flower Moon, revealed the heartwarming and humorous text she received from her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Speaking with Extra's Billy Bush, Lily shared the excitement of her nomination and the support she received from DiCaprio.

She recounted, "He was just so proud, and then I told him that I was watching with my parents and 'we’re celebrating me, but we’re also, like, collectively very pissed off for you.'"

DiCaprio, who didn't receive a nomination despite his outstanding performance in the same film, responded with grace and encouragement.

Lily shared his pre-Golden Globes message: "No matter the outcome, I think you’re amazing and I’m proud of you."

The camaraderie between the co-stars is evident, and Lily expressed her admiration for DiCaprio's incredible portrayal of a challenging character.

"He did such an incredible job in this, and, like, just, he made an impossible character just so vivid, and it made my job so much easier, so I really want to share this, this moment with him," she added.

Leonardo DiCaprio also took to Instagram to publicly celebrate Lily's historic nomination.

In his post, he wrote: "Congratulations to my dear friend @LilyGladstone for making Oscars history, as the first Native American woman to be nominated for Best Actress in Killers of the Flower Moon, and the fourth Indigenous actress to ever earn a nomination in the category."

The shared joy and support between Lily Gladstone and Leonardo DiCaprio highlight the genuine connections forged in the world of filmmaking.

Also sharing in that joy is Gladstone and DiCaprio's other co-star Robert De Niro, who made the history books himself with is Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Following on 49 years after his first Academy Awards nomination - also for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Godfather Part II - De Niro’s Killers of the Flower Moon nomination makes him the actor with the most years between his first and most recent Oscars nomination.

The two times Academy Awards winner took home his supporting actor nod in 1974, and also later won Best Actor for his lead role in Raging Bull in 1980. This year he is up against Barbie’s Ryan Gosling, American Fiction’s Sterling K Brown, Poor Things’ Mark Ruffalo and Oppenheimer’s Robert Downey Jr for the award.

As the Oscars draw near, fans eagerly anticipate the celebration of talent and the heartwarming and occasionally controversial moments that continue to keep everyone's eyes on Hollywood.

This year’s Oscars awards show has already been causing a stir owing to the perceived snubbing of Barbie’s lead star Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig in their respective categories.

Fellow star Ryan Gosling (who receives a nomination alongside De Niro in the supporting actor category) released a statement admitting he was disappointed with the Academy voters for not nominating the talented pair, while also sharing his appreciation for how the film has been recognised in other categories.