The Traitors' Jasmine on her 'gut-wrenching' exit ahead of the final

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26 Jan 2024, 16:49

L to R: Jasmine

Credit: BBC

Although they had an impressive run as a faithful on The Traitors unfortunately, Jasmine, in what she described as a 'gut wrenching' moment, was ousted from the show just hours before the final.

*There are even more spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Traitors series two, episode eleven yet*

The latest instalment (25th January) followed the previous night’s episode, where newly recruited Traitor Ross was banished, and told the group that he was, in fact, Diane’s son

At breakfast, the remaining players learned that Zack had been murdered by the Traitors. After some discussion about who could be the bad guys - and with Traitors Harry and Andrew planning to pin it on Jasmine, it was only a matter of hours before her table.

Although there were also eyes on Evie, and some attention - to a lesser extent - on Traitor Andrew, ultimately Jasmine received the most votes and was incorrectly banished.

Getting a chance to air their feelings, both Jasmine and Zack spoke exclusively to

Zack himself seemed full of regret and Jasmine felt like the rug had just been pulled out from under her, appearing to be deeply affected by how close she'd gotten to the final.

She said: "I don't think you can kind of get used to the feeling. It's really really gut wrenching. Like, I was like, maybe like 12 hours away from being in that final five. So it is really sad, although I am proud of myself for getting to Episode 11."

Jasmine was obviously a strong player within the game, someone the traitors were keen to remove in the closing rounds, and she always expressed her view point clearly and logically, but in the end she wondered if that really mattered.

Continuing, she propose the thought that: "I actually think that a lot of people make their decisions before the roundtable. And you could make the most sound argument ever. But if they if they want to banish you, they'll banish you."

Though both her and Zack were eventually killed off, Jasmine was banished and seemed to be a little envious of Zack having a more private 'death'.

She said: "I quite like when you're murdered. You don't get to say goodbye."

It had gotten pretty heated in the last round table and Jasmine probably would have liked to have avoided the drama, however rather cheekily she gave everyone a little flourish to her exit.

Explaining her exit, she went on: "I bowed because like, you thought I was a traitor. And I'm not. So I stood up there. I really, I really enjoyed that moment."

Vindicated by her honesty, Jasmine closed out the interview with accepting that it was all a bit of fun in the end, even if you are defending your own integrity.

"We're very reasonable people, we understand that like it is just a game. Obviously, when you're in the game, you're fighting for money. And also you're fighting for kind of like your pride as well."

The Traitors series two concludes tonight, Friday 25th January, on BBC One at 9pm. You can watch the first eleven episodes, and series one, on BBC iPlayer now