The Traitors' Zack and Jasmine explain their 'fiery' relationship

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26 Jan 2024, 16:52

Jasmine and Zack at The Traitors roundtable

Credit: BBC

The Traitors’ Zack and Jasmine have revealed the truth about their “fiery” relationship which has been confusing viewers.

Spoilers for The Traitors episode 11 below!

The series two stars who were eliminated in the penultimate episode of the reality TV show seemed to be completely at odds with each other during their last few days in the competition after Zack began to suggest to the group Jasmine was a Traitor.

It therefore came as a big surprise when they reunited for the The Traitors Uncloaked podcast and immediately got along like old friends.

Speaking exclusively with, Zack and Jasmine explained their relationship in more detail.

“We started off really close,” Zack said. “But then obviously I started accusing Jasmine and started arrogantly and obnoxiously centering on [her].”

Zack admitted there was a point when he wondered if the two “would stop being friends” as a result of his actions in the castle. But he was glad to find this wasn’t the case. “As soon as we had our podcast together and saw each other out of the castle it was absolutely fine. I think we knew we could both very easily separate the show from the person.”

Jasmine agreed. “We’re very reasonable people,” she shared. “We understand that it is just a game. Obviously when you’re in the game, you’re fighting for money. And also you’re fighting for your pride as well.”

On the topic of why things got so heated between her and Zack, she explained it was down to how she’d felt she trusted and “backed” Zack from day one. “That’s why it was so fiery,” she said. “It wasn’t because I generally hate him, it was like, ‘Oh, I’m genuinely doubly upset because I really like you as a friend, and now you’ve come for me.’”

Zack and Jasmine also shared their predictions for tonight (26th January)’s final episode of The Traitors while speaking with about their memories of the show.

The Traitors UK series two concludes tonight, Friday, 26th January, at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.