Miles Jupp explains how 'super lucky' Trigger Point experience led to brain tumour discovery

Virgin Radio

7 Feb 2024, 16:16

Miles Jupp and Vicky McClure

Credit: Rex/ITV

Miles Jupp considers it “super lucky” that he was filming Trigger Point when he suffered a seizure that would later lead to him being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The much-loved actor and comedian who starred in the first series of the popular ITV drama - now airing its second series on ITV1 - experienced the serious health scare in 2021.

While on set filming for the drama, Jupp began to feel dizzy, and he later collapsed and suffered a seizure. After being rushed to hospital from the film set, he was eventually diagnosed with a benign brain tumour, and was booked in for surgery to get it removed only a few weeks later.

Opening up about the incident during a recent appearance on Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe’s Parenting Hell podcast, Jupp shared that he believes the fact that he was filming when he suffered the seizure: “was super lucky, as it meant that I was in a city and there were set medics.”

“I just knew something was really, really wrong,” he continued. “‘I just knew it to the extent that the runner said to me ‘You look very dizzy,’ and I just said to him, ‘I need a doctor.’”

Detailing his memory of the incident, he added: “Eventually there was a sort of explosion in the vision, like a kaleidoscope, and then I can remember the ground coming towards me very fast and you’re sort of in and out of consciousness for a while.”

The Napoleon and The Thick of It star admitted being rushed to hospital and immediately being sent for scans “was as absolutely scary as you would imagine.”

It was one of the producers of Trigger Point who had to phone Jupp’s wife to inform her and their five children of what was happening. “He had to ring my wife and say ‘Your husband loves you very much, but he’s in an ambulance on his way to hospital’ and she was with the children. So she just said, ‘Look, Dad’s not very well, [but] he’s probably fine,’” Jupp explained.

Thankfully for the family, the actor’s later surgery was a success, and he was even able to return to work in just six weeks’ time. He later wrote a comedy show inspired by his experience of being diagnosed with the tumour.