Celebrity Big Brother: George Galloway makes viewers cringe as he pretends to be a CAT for Rula Lenska

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20 Feb 2024, 12:22

George Galloway and Rula Lenska on Celebrity Big Brother 2006

Credit: Rex / Channel 4

Celebrity Big Brother 2006 featured potentially one of the most cringe-worthy moments not just in Big Brother history, but also on all of telly too.

Series four of the star-studded social experiment was already memorable as it was the first time a regular Big Brother contestant entered the house ‘undercover’ as a fake celeb. 

Chantelle Houghton was the first to enter the house, but actually auditioned for the non-celeb version originally. Instead, her secret mission was to pretend she was a singer in a band called Kandy Gloss, and she had to convince the actual celebrities that she was one of them. 

However, one task from series four sticks out in the mind of CBB fans everywhere, and it’s the moment then-sitting MP George Galloway took a task a bit too seriously. 

During the infamous episode, which aired in January 2006, the politician, actress Rula Lenska and the rest of the housemates were given “role-play exercises” as part of an experiment to see if humans can communicate with animals. 

Here’s where it gets…interesting. 

Deciding to fully throw themselves into the task at hand, both George and Rula take themselves away to get into character - with the broadcaster and writer purring (literally) to Rula: “Now would you like me…. to be the cat.”

What happens next is totally unforgettable. George immediately treats his hands like paws, and begins to groom himself. 

He then lays onto his side to allow the Queen Kong star to start stroking him, and she then promises to “brush” him too. 

Getting onto all fours, the former MP is then encouraged to start lapping up an imaginary saucer of milk lovingly set down by Rula. He buries his head into Rula’s hands as she replies: “Good pussy cat.”

Perhaps one of the more uncomfortable moments to watch in CBB history, Rula has since insisted that the whole role-play scenario was “completely innocent.”

Appearing on Loose Women in 2022, the Coronation Street joked: “It's something that will never leave me!

“No it was completely innocent, but they filmed it in a way to make it salacious,” she added. 

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 begins 4th March on ITV1 and ITVX.