‘It’s important’ - Death in Paradise star Élizabeth Bourgine reveals unexpected impact of playing Catherine Bordey

Virgin Radio

20 Feb 2024, 13:04

Death in Paradise star Élizabeth Bourgine has admitted she’s not blind to how “important” her character can be for viewers. 

The French actress plays Catherine Bordey, who not only runs her own popular beach-front bar, but she’s also the Mayor of Saint Marie too. She is also the mother of Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey, who recently returned to Death in Paradise in a guest role

Élizabeth has starred in the cosy Caribbean crime drama since 2011, and since then has built up a loyal fanbase. 

Speaking to virginradio.co.uk and other press about series 13 of Death in Paradise, currently airing on BBC One, Élizabeth discussed the craziest fan theories fans have previously presented, but also the unexpected reactions fans have had to seeing Catherine on screen. 

She elaborated: “The thing that people, the fans, always say to me and ask me is about Catherine’s style. The way she's dressed, the way she puts on jewellery, the way she puts bandeaus in her head. A lot of them try to do things in their lives and then send me the pictures and say, ‘what do you think about that? How can I do this? Where do you buy your things?'”

Style tips might seem like a fun way to connect to a character, but for Élizabeth, Catherine’s influence reaches far past just wanting to copy her fashion choices. 

The star continued: “They really want to grow old but continue having fun with their style. The dresses, the jewellery. Be sexy, funny and just feel pretty and feel good. 

“Catherine is very important for that. For young girls, and elderly women too. So it's very nice, it’s very fun. I love that for Catherine.”

Fans are just as keen to see Élizabeth's feisty character find love finally, and have even written in suggesting potential plot points for the writers. 

Élizabeth revealed: “[Catherine’s] a lovely woman. She's the mayor, she's loving everybody, but she doesn't have a real love story. So [the fans] always ask me, and I do too because I think Catherine should be dating and have a love story.

“She has to choose somebody, not for life, not for a wedding, just for fun and for love. So, they have suggested it, and I do suggest it too.”

Death in Paradise continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer Sundays at 9pm.