‘Totally absorbing’ - Viewers are loving Michael Sheen's ‘dystopian’ and ‘outstanding’ new drama, The Way

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20 Feb 2024, 14:29

Credit: Getty / BBC

The Way is directed by and features Michael Sheen, along with Callum Scott Howells from It’s A Sin, and Steffan Rhodri from Gavin & Stacey. The first episode aired last night (19th February).

The new BBC drama was created by Sheen with writer James Graham and filmmaker Adam Curtis and marks Sheen's TV directorial debut. It follows the Driscolls, who get caught up in a civil uprising which begins in their small industrial town, and are forced to escape the country they’ve always called home.

Howells plays Owen, the youngest son of the Driscoll family. Speaking to press ahead of the new drama, he compared his character to Colin, who he played in acclaimed Channel 4 show, It’s A Sin. "Owen’s a lot more spunky I guess, and he’s a lot more of a kind of badass,” he said (via Radio Times). And that's what I kind of loved doing in this role, is trying to prove people wrong and show people that I can do more.”

"I will forever be grateful for Colin and It’s A Sin, but I'm excited now to do different things and constantly learn about myself as an actor and as a person."

Along with Sheen, Howells and Rhodri, the new three-part series also stars Sophie Melville, Mali Harries and Maja Laskowska.

Viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on the opening episode. One wrote: “#TheWay is outstanding! It is dark, a bit trippy, terrifying, sometimes funny, perfectly poignant & relevant and most of all superbly thought-provoking & addresses a gauntlet of fears about our past, present & future. Magnificent Welsh cast 👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿”

Someone else wrote: “I’m half Welsh, grew up in Scunthorpe. #TheWay made total sense to me. Totally absorbing, a bit weird, amazing performances. Thank you @michaelsheen”

Another fan added: “Most interesting drama I've seen in quite a while.”

One commenter wrote: “I can thoroughly recommend the #TheWay. It captures the feelings of anger, despair and frustration that can cause simmering pots of pent-up rage to finally boil over. We Welsh have always been rebels, kicking against the system.”

A viewer added: “Just finished opening episode of #TheWay. Wow! Callum Scott Howells is awesome, of course. Great cast. Dystopian Welsh drama with hints of magic realism. Innovative, certainly."

The Way is available in full on BBC iPlayer and airs on BBC One at 9pm on Mondays.