Eddy's Good News: A heart melting story from China and The Terracycle Global Foundation

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20 Feb 2024, 14:53

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Tuesday 20th February 2024

Credit: Beijing Truck Home Information Technology – (TikTok)

Here’s a heart melting story from China, echoing a similar story I reported from the USA a few years ago, great to see this, as a trucking company paid the equivalent of £24,000  (quid) to truck thousands of lbs of snow from the frozen Northern City of Harbin to a school for special needs kids in the south, in the tropical city of Guangzhou.

Credit: Beijing Truck Home Information Technology – (TikTok)

It was a great promotion for their new refrigerated truck, but for everyone involved it was about the faces of these kids with autism and other learning difficulties, who saw and felt snow for the first time. Nearly 2,000 kids got to play in tonnes of snow and these are kids who have never see snow in their lifetime. The truck travelled almost 2000 miles and their parents don't have the resources to go that far. Seeing the kids make snowmen and have snowball fights made the days of everyone who witnessed this joy.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Terracycle

We’ve reported on some impressive plastic clean up operations all over the world, from the intrepid dutch wunderkind Boyan Slat cleaning up the Pacific garbage patch to initiatives in India, The Philippines, Singapore and closer to home of course, here’s a new one to add to the list and it’s from the USA as we say hello to non profit, The Terracycle Global Foundation, which started in New jersey but which operates all over the world.

They have ascertained, as others have, that to stop the plastic from getting to the sea in the first place is the key. This month they achieved the milestone of removing over 2 million pounds of waste from rivers. Right now they’re operating in canals throughout Bangkok. Rather than getting involved in a recycling industry that is so dodgy and so full of lies and broken promises, they turn the plastic into useful stuff and sell that to raise more money to clear more plastic, like those surfers do with the beads wristbands. And they educate too. I’ve put a link to their website above.

Via: terracycle.com