Tom Hiddleston narrates ‘utterly thrilling’ docuseries Earthsounds - trailer and release date revealed

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23 Feb 2024, 09:43

Scenes from Earthsounds.

Credit: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has shared the trailer and release date for its new docuseries, which is narrated by Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award nominee Tom Hiddleston. 

The new 12-part documentary series was filmed over 1,000 days across three-and-half-years in 20 countries on all seven continents. It shows a world buzzing with unexpected, unfamiliar and untold sonic stories that it has not been possible to capture until now.  

The series documents over 3,000 hours of audio, using cutting-edge technology to record the planet in brand-new ways. The show’s synopsis says: “Discoveries and rarely heard recordings from the series include snow leopards singing love songs, the intimate chatter of ostrich chicks from inside their eggs, musical spiders, walrus’s underwater courtship calls and more.” 

The series also captures the hum of deserts, drinking trees, and the mysterious buzz of the Northern Lights.

It has been announced that Earthsounds will premiere all episodes globally on 23rd February on Apple TV+.

Have a look at the trailer here: 

In a statement, Loki star Tom said: "I loved narrating 'Earthsounds. Offspring Films and Apple TV+ have created something totally unique. To see, and hear, the natural world in such extraordinary, intimate detail is utterly thrilling. It inspires wonder and awe.”

Some of the habitats that Earthsounds travels to include the Queensland rainforest in Aus, the Antarctic ice shelf, the Namibian dunes, tropical coral reefs and more. 

Earthsounds will premiere all episodes globally on 23rd February on Apple TV+.