The Apprentice's Amina will not forgive Jack for THIS fateful decision

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23 Feb 2024, 11:37

Amina Khan from The Apprentice in a taxi and sat with Jack and Maura outside the boardroom

Credit: BBC

The Apprentice star Amina is still not over her fellow contestant Jack’s decision making in episode four’s negotiation task.

Spoilers for The Apprentice episode four below!

Speaking to after she and Jack were fired by Lord Sugar in the show’s most recent episode, the pharmacist and skincare entrepreneur shared that she “blames Jack massively” for her firing from the competition.

Recalling how the recruitment director, who was project manager for the task, had assigned Amina’s sub-team several of the items which the whole team were clueless about, she said: “I blame Jack massively, because I said from the very beginning ‘Jack, these are the difficult items you’re giving to us.’”

Amina and her team struggled to identify what a Bachin was (a traditional Jersey dish), and also struggled to work out what was meant by Jersey Wonders (a traditional Jersey cake) and a Jersey with an anchor on it (a jumper).

“Initially he wanted to give us five items,” she continued. “And we were like ‘There’s only three of us here, so you’ve got to take one away from us. You’ve got four people, we’ve got three people, and these are difficult items.’”

The Apprentice contestant also believes she was backed up in the boardroom for her belief that Jack’s item distribution deliberately left the most difficult items out of his hands. “Even Karen said in the boardroom, ‘Are you sure Jack that you didn’t give them the most difficult items on purpose?’” she said.

However, while speaking with about his exit from the competition, Jack denied this was the case. “No, that was actually completely an accident,” he said. Although he did admit his team had probably got “the easiest” item - the surfboard.

Asked if she felt a double firing was fair after episode four’s disasterous task, Amina said: “Yeah, I do think it was fair - but not me, though.” Instead, she named Sam (who was responsible for negotiating the team’s incredibly high ‘deal’ on the freshly shucked oysters) as the candidate who perhaps should have gone out instead.

Defending her performance in the task, Amina added: “Remember, we don’t have Google… I tried my best to make as many phone calls as I can.”

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