The Apprentice's Jack Davies claims there was 'more to' his and Maura's fall-out

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23 Feb 2024, 12:08

The Apprentice's Jack and Maura

Credit: BBC

The Apprentice’s Jack Davies insists there was “more to” his boardroom confrontation with Maura.

Spoilers for The Apprentice episode four!

Speaking exclusively with after he was fired alongside Amina for their team’s disastrous performance in episode four’s negotiation task, the recruitment director whose negotiation tactics were called “amateur” by Lord Sugar opened up about the argument he had with his teammate Maura about their negotiation with a surfboard seller.

During the episode, Maura was seen negotiating with the seller until she’d got the price down to £190, before Jack suddenly interrupted to try and drive the price further down, to no success. However, in the boardroom, Jack - who was project manager - seemed to try to mislead Lord Sugar by suggesting he jumped in when Maura was about to close the deal at £210.

“That whole negotiation was very long, so you only see a very small snippet of what actually happened,” Jack said in response to being questioned about this moment in the competition. “So yeah, there’s definitely more to what happened than actually got shown.

“I think my point was, overall, we were going in too high,” he continued. “She was going to do a deal at a price which was too high. I tried to jump in, Sam also jumped in - which wasn’t shown - but we tried to jump in to get the price lower. 

“But I think by the time we’d done that, it was too little too late, because the price [Maura had negotiated] was already in the client’s head,” he finished. “As manager, as a leader in that scenario, I had to do what I thought was right to get the best price. But I think it was probably a bit too late to do that.”

Jack and his team’s instincts were right, as the episode’s winning team successfully negotiated a price from a different vendor which was lower than £190. But still, Maura did seem to be the one who negotiated the price down to £190, and not £210 as Jack claimed in the boardroom.

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