Jeff Goldblum is Zeus in Netflix's latest TV show teaser - watch

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19 Mar 2024, 16:52

Jeff Goldblum as Zeus in Kaos

Credit: Netflix

Netflix have released a first look at Jeff Goldblum as Zeus in the streamer’s upcoming mythological dark-comedy show KAOS.

The Jurassic Park and Thor: Ragnarok actor seems scarily at home in the role as top-God in the series, which comes from the same pen which wrote The End of the F***ing World - screenwriter Charlie Covell.

In KAOS, Goldblum stars as Zeus, a “cruel King of the Gods” who despite possessing the actor’s signature quirkiness also clearly has a darker side.

The show’s synopsis explains, in the “pantheon of gods, mortals and everyone in between” of the world of KAOS: “Zeus is at the top of the mythological food chain as the King of the Gods, a position he has enjoyed for quite some time.

“Then one day he discovers the unthinkable — a wrinkle on his forehead,” it amusingly reveals. “Paranoia builds, leading the supreme deity down a dangerous and unstable path. Zeus is convinced his fall is nigh and sees omens of doom everywhere. 

“And he’s right to be worried, because Zeus’ one-time friend and now prisoner, Prometheus, is orchestrating a plan to bring him down. The plan involves three disparate humans, all of whom are totally unaware of their cosmic significance or the part they must play in saving the world.

“As Zeus battles his greatest fears, the rest of his family is scheming and failing in their own ways. There’s Zeus’ plotting wife, Hera (Janet McTeer); his complicated brothers, Hades (David Thewlis) and Poseidon (Cliff Curtis); and his rebellious son, Dionysus (Nabhaan Rizwan).”

Billie Piper and Suzy Eddie Issard have both also been confirmed to be starring in cameo roles in the series.

KAOS is coming soon to Netflix worldwide.