Celebrity Big Brother’s Louis Walsh drops bombshell: Hollywood star auditioned for Boyzone

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20 Mar 2024, 15:25

Credit: Rex

Get ready to have your jaw hit the floor because Louis Walsh just spilled some seriously juicy gossip on Celebrity Big Brother, revealing that a Hollywood heavyweight once tried out for Boyzone!

Yes, you read that right. While we've been on the edge of our seats watching the drama unfold in the CBB house, Louis Walsh has been dropping bombshells left, right, and centre, and this latest revelation has sent shockwaves through the entertainment world.

In the latest episode airing on Wednesday (20th March), Louis, known for his candid commentary, didn't hold back as he shared yet another behind-the-scenes secret.

But before we dive into the Hollywood scoop, let's not forget the drama with Jedward!

Louis didn't mince his words when he described his experience working with the twins, and let's just say it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine.

But back to the main event – Louis dropped the mother of all bombshells when he spilled the beans about none other than Colin Farrell auditioning for Boyzone!

Yes, the Irish heartthrob himself once dreamed of being a boyband sensation, but Louis delivered the crushing blow, informing him that his vocal talents weren't quite up to scratch.

Sitting casually in the kitchen with fellow housemates Colson and Fern, Louis revealed the jaw-dropping truth: “I know him very well as he auditioned for Boyzone... I said ‘you can’t sing, I can’t give you the gig’ because I knew him very well.

"And he said to me ‘oh I wanna be an actor’ and I said ‘you’re wasting your f**king time.’”

But that's not all!

Louis also got introspective, opening up about his career highs and lows, revealing that his fateful encounter with Simon Cowell changed the course of his life.

Thud! Another Louis name drop just pounded down on the floor.

"Honestly, I think I’m lucky to be still working," Louis confessed.

"I think I’m lucky to have gotten a break originally with Boyzone, that started my life... Simon Cowell changed my life because I met him, I did so many things with him. I think I’m just lucky to be working, that’s absolutely true, and still getting away with it!”

So, there you have it folks – the inside scoop straight from Louis Walsh himself. With each episode of Celebrity Big Brother, it seems like we're uncovering more secrets than a treasure hunt in Fantasia.

Stay tuned for more bombshells and drama as the saga continues!

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sundays through Fridays at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX, followed by Late & Live on ITV2 immediately following each episode.