Nick Mohammed spills Taskmaster secrets while discussing Renegade Nell role

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27 Mar 2024, 09:59

Credit: Getty / Channel 4

He stars in new Disney+ show Renegade Nell, and is also one of the contestants in the upcoming series of Taskmaster, and it turns out that Nick Mohammed found one much harder than the other!

Nick, who is perhaps best known for his role as Nate The Great in Ted Lasso, plays Billy Blind in Renegade Nell. The narrative sees a quick-witted and courageous young woman called Nell Jackson (Louisa Harland) framed for murder and unexpectedly become the most notorious outlaw in 18th-century England.

Helped by a brave spirit (played by Nick), Nell realises that fate has not led her astray by chance as she navigates war-torn Europe.

Speaking exclusively to at the World Premiere at world premiere, held at Everyman, Borough Market, London, Nick said of his character: “He's based on the folklore that a lot of people believed at the time. He's based on, I think, an imp that used to live underneath a little girl's pillow to protect her. And so he's quite androgynous in some respects. He's sort of part of Nell really, he's sort of her soulmate, her demon, a part of her conscience maybe, a kind of Jiminy Cricket figure who tries to guide her, but doesn't always know what's the right thing to do, or where the story's going.”

The show is written by Happy Valley creator Sally Wainwright, and Nick said of his character: “In my head he is sort of Sally to a degree, like he's part of the story within Nell sort of finding it as they go.”

Talking more about Sally Wainwright, he said: “I'm a huge fan of all of Sally's work. So to get to be involved in a show that she had created and written is a dream come true, really. And she's from the north which is where I'm from!”

With series 17 of Taskmaster arriving this Thursday (28th March), Nick joins Steve Pemberton, Joanne McNally, Sophie Willan and John Robins in attempting to impress Greg Davies. When we asked he found most challenging, Taskmaster, or being a sprite in Renegade Nell, the comedian and actor told us: “Oh, Taskmaster was so much more difficult! I thought I was gonna be really good at it. And it turns out, I'm not!”

Renegade Nell will be released on Disney+ on Friday, 29th March.