Derry Girls' Louisa Harland reveals memorable accident from filming her Renegade Nell stunts

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27 Mar 2024, 12:40

Louisa Harland smiling on the Renegade Nell red carpet and as Nell Jackson in Renegade Nell

Credit: Getty/Dinsey+

Derry Girls star Louisa Harland has opened up about a memorable accident that occurred while filming her new action-packed show.

Renegade Nell tells the rip-roaring story of Nell Jackson, a quick-witted and courageous young woman with superpowered skills, a Queen to save, and a charge on her head for a murder she did not commit!

The Disney+ show sees Nell (Harland) go toe-to-toe with several villainous characters, including Adrian Lester’s manipulative Earl of Poynton.

Speaking with at the world premiere of Renegade Nell yesterday night (27th March), Harland revealed how one of her action scenes with Lester went a bit wrong, but that this ended up being a happy accident.

“I once got hit in the face with a double-edged sword by Adrian Lester, and I loved it!” Louisa said. “They definitely used that take [in the show], so yeah, that was the most memorable bit from the stunts.”

On the stylish Borough Market-based blue carpet, the Irish star also revealed how she succeeded to get Nell’s English accent just right. “I was living in the East End at the time, so that’s how I managed to master Nell’s voice,” she explained.

Selling the new show, which debuts on Disney+ on 29th March, Harland said: “It's not like any other show I know of… it really has every genre, you know, every style, every theme. But hopefully the whole family can watch it, and I hope they do.”

Starring alongside Harland and Lester in the new series is an all star cast including Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed and The Gentlemen’s Joely Richardson.

When similarly asked to describe the show, Mohammed - who stars as Nell’s supernatural sprite friend Billy Blind - shared: “[It’s] a magical, fantastical, Sally Wainwright-penned adventure series. 

“It's swashbuckling, but thematically it feels very contemporary, even though it's period. I mean, it's really got sort of something for everyone, but it's a proper family adventure series that I really hope people will love.”

Renegade Nell will gallop onto Disney+ this Friday, 29th March.