Blue Lights fans react as ‘edge of your seat’ drama returns for second series 

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16 Apr 2024, 07:36

Credit: BBC

The second series of Blue Lights has landed, taking viewers back onto the streets of Belfast.

In episode one of series two of the hit BBC police drama, we rejoin Grace (Siân Brooke), Annie (Katherine Devlin), Tommy (Nathan Braniff) and the rest of the team a year after the fall of the McIntyres.

Murray Canning (Desmond Eastwood) now finds himself with the Paramilitary Crime Task Force, and speaks to the team about the growing drug-related crime rates as the McIntyres’ absence has been filled by rival gangs, all competing for dominance. The names of rival loyalist gang leaders, Jim ‘Dixie’ Dixon and Davy Hamill, crop up. 

We see Dixie meet an old face from series one; none other than Tina McInytre from the McIntyre gang, and they have a not especially chummy conversation, seemingly about the supply and sale of drugs.

Sandra Cliff (Andi Osho) opens up to Helen McNally (Joanne Crawford) about life without Gerry. She says there’s nothing left for her in Belfast and is going to go back to London, much to Helen’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, following the harrowing death of Gerry at the end of series one, Jen Robinson (Hannah McClean) has left the force and has been training to be a solicitor. 

Just as Stevie (Martin McCann) is trying Grace’s latest baking effort, there is an incident at the pharmacy that Annie and newly transferred Constable Shane Bradley (Frank Blake) already went to earlier in the episode. 

Grace and Stevie arrive first and find the back entrance broken into by the same heroin addict that Annie let walk earlier in the day. With the pharmacist stabbed and unconscious, the culprit goes at Grace with a screwdriver. She pulls a gun on him, but Shane whacks him on the head and knocks him out before she has to make the choice to shoot him. 

Back at the station, Grace tells Stevie that he has to stop trying to protect her while they’re on duty.

Earlier in the episode, Grace and Stevie find a homeless man, called Soupy, dead in the street from a heroin overdose. They visit an address of his and find that it’s a bar run by Lee and Mags Thompson (Seamus O'Hara and Seána Kerslake). Lee and Soupy were in the army together and he lived upstairs in the bar until he was thrown out for shooting up on the premises. 

The episode ends with Dixie at the same bar, collecting his weekly protection money. He tells Lee that at some point Lee will have to join his gang officially, but Lee isn’t interested.

In the closing scene, it becomes clear that Lee has a plan that he is about to put into place. But what is it?

Viewers took to social media to react to episode one of the new series. One wrote: “Great to have #bluelights back and just as good as season 1 so far. Brilliantly written show.”

Another added: “So I just watched the first episode of #BlueLights series 2 - and (no spoilers) but it absolutely exceeds the brilliance of series one - tense (some absolute edge of your seat stuff) but retaining the heart that made series 1 work so well.”

Someone else said: “Tense complicated relationships, great plotting, nice pacing, wicked dialogue and clearly defined characters - #BlueLights has it all.”

One commenter said: “#BlueLights picking up where it left off in season one. Smashing characters, crackling pace, dead witty script, high tension and mirth in quick succession. That hour fair flew by. Terrific.”

Blue Lights continues on BBC One at 9pm on Monday 22nd April. All episodes are now available on BBC iPlayer.