Paddy McGuinness opens up about the future of Top Gear: 'We're all up for it'

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16 Apr 2024, 08:51

Paddy McGuinness, Paddy with Chris Harris and Freddie Flintoff on Top Gear

Credit: Getty / BBC

Top Gear host Paddy McGuinness has confessed he would be up for returning to the BBC driving series after the broadcaster decided to “rest” the show. 

Back in November, the broadcaster confirmed that Top Gear would be pulled from production “for the foreseeable future,” after co-host Freddie Flintoff was involved in a terrifying crash in December 2022.

During an exclusive chat with as part of his new campaign with Onken, Paddy discussed the future of Top Gear, and he insisted the long-running car show “hasn’t been cancelled”, but all three hosts - Paddy, Freddie and Chris Harris - would be up for returning. 

“It’s what’s been put out there by the BBC”, Paddy explained to us. “Top Gear hasn't been cancelled. It's just on hold at the minute while they get a few things in place. 

Paddy then insisted: “This isn't me being like an MP, it’s what we know. So let's see what happens.

“We're all up for doing it, but it's just when the BBC feel it's right to do it again.”

Meanwhile, Paddy also confirmed to that he will indeed be pairing back up with Chris for a brand new travelogue series

Chris & Paddy: Roadtrip will start filming “in a months time,” and Paddy shared: “We’re travelling around, and we're looking at different parts of Europe and how they live. I'm talking about exercise, diet , fashion, food and drink, mental health, compared to how we are in the UK. 

“It’s being done in a nice, warm, funny way. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to seeing Chris talking about something other than cars as well.”

The Don’t Look Down star revealed that Roadtrip will be a “totally different show” from Top Gear, which viewers will see “within a few minutes” of the first episode.

He continued: “Chris will probably still be looking at cars as we drive around and go, ‘is that such a thing?’ It’s a different style and flavour to Top Gear, but it’s still got the sensibilities of the humour, and the warmth, and just kind of looking at stuff and being unsure of it until you get stuck in.”

Paddy was chatting to alongside Onken, who have released a new survey which found almost half of Brits say they're busier than ever.  Their new research suggests that 8:15am is the busiest time of day, with many of us losing 20 minutes 28 seconds on average.

The latest tongue-in-cheek campaign is to get more people to make time for themselves, and Paddy revealed his life hack for helping deal with busy kids first thing in the morning. 

He shared with us: “I’ve got two daughters…one of the things to get a bit of time back what I learned is the hoover pipe, stuff your daughters hair into it, put a bobble on the end, flick it onto their hair. 

“Five seconds later, done! Out the door and you've just got yourself about five minutes back, so little things like that and little hacks.”