WATCH: Beyond Paradise preview shows Anne unfazed by revelations of Richard’s identity

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19 Apr 2024, 15:04

Credit: BBC

In this week’s episode of Beyond Paradise, revelations of Richard’s identity are discussed, but how does Anne feel?

The fifth episode of Beyond Paradise series two will air tonight, with viewers finding out more about Humphrey (Kris Marshall) and Martha (Sally Bretton)’s wedding plans while Richard’ (Peter Davison)’s identity is the topic of conversation. 

In an exclusive clip shared with, Humphrey and Martha are discussing the recent revelations of Richard’s identity that that he has been unfaithful to Anne (Barbara Flynn) when, to their surprise, she comes in. 

Anne is unfazed by their conversation and reminds the pair about their wedding, before taking Humphrey’s coffee and sitting down to start of the wedding plans. 

“It must have been so humiliating for her,” says Humphrey as he pours his coffee. But as Martha adds: “I could murder him,” Anna enters the kitchen, unbothered by the nature of their conversation. 

Anne tells them: “There’s no time for breakfast. You’ve got a wedding to plan, remember. It’s next week!”  

But the couple insist they don’t want anything too grand. But Anne says: “You won’t have anything at all if I don’t make a start,” before taking Humphrey’s coffee and getting to work on the plans. 

Doctor Who star Peter Davison also returns to the cast this week as Anne’s love interest.

This is not the first time Davison has worked with Flynn though. The two starred together in the 80s show A Very Peculiar Practice and in the 2013 sitcom Pat and Cabbage.

Speaking to and other press about reuniting with Flynn in their scenes for Beyond Paradise, Davison said: “It was nice to get back together to be working again, and we did a lot of reminiscing about the old times on these shows.”

Beyond Paradise continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer this Friday (19th April) at 9pm.