Glastonbury's Michael Eavis set to be knighted at Windsor

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23 Apr 2024, 10:06

Credit: Getty

Michael Eavis, the visionary behind Glastonbury Festival, is set to receive his knighthood for his outstanding contributions to music and philanthropy at Windsor Castle.

Arise dairy farmer and festival organiser! Soon to be - Sir Michael Eavis will be donning his finest wellies to accept a knighthood from none other than the Princess Royal herself at Windsor Castle.

The esteemed founder of Glastonbury Festival, Eavis, now 88 years young, orchestrated the inaugural gathering on Worthy Farm back in 1970, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Glastonbury has grown into the world's largest greenfield festival, a veritable mecca of music that beckons over 200,000 souls annually to revel in its melodic embrace. From iconic headliners to surprise performances that set the fields ablaze with euphoria, Glastonbury has become synonymous with musical magic and communal camaraderie.

Former England cricketers Stuart Broad and Lydia Greenway will also be recognised by Anne during Tuesday’s investiture ceremony.

The New Year Honours list, released at the end of 2023, included such notable figures as Shirley Bassey, Ridley Scott, Leona Lewis, Emilia Clarke, and the Lionesses also earning well-deserved recognition.

Reflecting on his upcoming knighthood, Sir Michael humbly remarked: "I was really surprised to see it, actually. Why did they choose me, I wonder? What can I say, really? I’ve done quite a lot of stuff in my life and I’ve always been fairly sure that I was doing the right thing."

Well, Sir Michael, your right thing has certainly struck a chord with millions around the globe!

And it seems Sir Michael's encounter with royalty isn't just limited to investiture ceremonies.

Sharing a charming anecdote, he recounted a past meeting with King Charles.

"Last time I met him, I got a suit especially. And he said, ‘Why aren’t you wearing your shorts?’ But I think William might do the ceremony. He’s made a few mentions of wanting to come to the festival. So I’ll probably take a couple of tickets in my pocket!"

But it's not just about the music; Glastonbury is all about the spirit of philanthropy, with the event aiming to raise around £2m per year.

With donations flowing to Greenpeace, Oxfam, WaterAid, and a plethora of local causes, the festival's impact resonates far beyond the final encore.

In 2023 alone, Glastonbury's charitable contributions soared to over £3.7m, supporting vital initiatives ranging from homelessness to mental health.

As the festival gears up for another unforgettable year, with luminaries like Dua Lipa, Shania Twain, Coldplay, and SZA gracing the stage, one iconic name stands out: Lulu.

With rumours swirling that this might be her final live performance, Glastonbury promises to be a symphony of nostalgia and celebration.

While Sir Michael may have passed the baton of lineup curation to his daughter Emily and her husband, his spirit of innovation and inclusivity continues to echo through the Glastonbury hills.

Glastonbury Festival 2024 runs from Wednesday 26 June to Sunday 30 June.